My buddy snap chats “test driving” customers cars

So I have a friend who works at a car dealership, he does small stuff like rotating tires and oil changes. I always see him posting pictures of the cars that come in but recently hes been posting videos of him revving the shit out of the car in a random parking lot, dumping the clutch and doing pulls blocks away from the dealership. I just wanted to know if this is common practice within the industry? as for myself I know for a fact I would lose it if someone decided to drive my car like that without my knowledge. (Also I know for a fact the customers have no knowledge that this is happening).

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Best money spent on your car?

What things have you done to your car that you have enjoyed the most? Or what items have your bought for your car that you feel you got your money’s worth from? These can include mods as well. I have some money set a side that I would like to improve my car with and want to get some ideas.

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2000 Nissan Quest question.

So recently my car died while driving. And finally after a week I had my family mechanic look at it and he says that the timing belt, tensioners, and pump needs to be replaced. My question is do I need the engine replaced as well? I read that when a timing belt breaks you need a whole new engine on interference engines which is what the quest engine is correct?

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Bought my first car and took it drag racing

Yesterday I finally bought my first car, a 2017 Dodge Charger R/T. Technically you could say this is my second car, but the Honda Civic I have been driving for the last almost four years belongs to my dad.

I have been looking for this exact car for a while and ended up finding one about an hour away for the right price and was exactly what I wanted. The car is a base model other than it has the Blacktop package which just gives it some accents on the interior and exterior.

Today I took it to our local eighth mile track and was able to run an 8.67. Not bad and I beat my goal of an 8.8, but I feel like I could possibly get an 8.5 if I launched a little bit harder.

Here is a video of my 8.67 and the timeslip

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Income Verification Question

The Entire Dodge Car Lineup Is Old As Hell

New videos show off Tesla’s improved Autopilot performance on winding roads

Speeding ticket in Georgia

I recently got a speeding ticket in Savannah, GA and i live in Atlanta. The ticket was says I went 49 in a 35. I am worried that my insurance will go up. I’ve called multiple traffic lawyers and one of them said that my insurance should not go up and I won’t get any points because I was only going 14 over and not 15. The lawyer told me to call the court in savannah to double check, but they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Is the advice that the lawyer told me correct, or should i be worried?

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I was at the grocery store today and as I was walking I noticed a man pouring tomato juice behind his tires. Why?

He was splashing it all over the wheel well and including the treads. A quick Google search brought up nothing for me. I’ve never seen or heard this before. Can someone explain why this man poured 3 gallons worth tomato juice like that?

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Clunking/Thumping When Shifting into Second Gear — 2010 Camry

Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a 2010 stick shift Toyota Camry. I have an issue with second gear; Whenever I shift from first to second I can feel and hear a clunking/thumping response. Here is a sequence of events leading up to this issue:

  1. Start the car
  2. Shift into first gear
  3. Begin accelerating until I hit somewhere between 2500-3500 RPMs
  4. Fully depress clutch
  5. Issue When shifting into second I feel clunking/thumping, and it is harder to shift into gear than normal. It seems that a higher RPM equates to more clunking/thumping.
  6. I drop into neutral, wait for the RPM to drop, and then I shift into second. Usually the clunking/thumping is gone.
  7. All other gears shift just fine.

I’ve noticed that this issue is intermittent. Sometimes it happens a lot during my drive, and other times I can drive entirely without this issue. I’ve also noticed that the issue seems to be exasperated by cold weather. The check engine light is not on.

I just bought this car. I’m a beginner with stick shift vehicles, so for the first couple of days of ownership I was driving kind of rough (stalling, rough shifts, I accidentally peeled out a time or two.) I’m hoping I didn’t break the car.

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Lamborghini Gallardo vs Corvette Z06

700bhp BMW M1 at Goodwood

Someone backed into my friend’s car and the other person admitted they weren’t looking behind themselves. He gave us incorrect insurance info and when we tracked him down (Via Dashcam footage and a license plate) they are trying to claim only 50% liability. What should we do?

Here is the footage.

My friend (J) was backing out of a parking lot and the other guy (A) backed into her. She got his insurance (A gave incorrect insurance information) And A said, he didn’t see her because he was looking at something else.

Now A’s insurance is trying to get J to say that she’s 50% at fault, then changed it to 30/70 at fault for a sub 300 dollar fix.

What should we say to their insurance?

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Does anyone prefer the GTC4Lusso/FF over the other stuff

2018 Citroen C3 Aircross Driving Exterior interior design

Just involved in my first car accident, other guy hasn’t claimed yet

Less than 24 hours ago I backed up out of a cross walk and didn’t notice that a Lyft Driver had just pulled up and I tapped his bumper.

We exchanged contact information, insurance info, and took photos. Neither of us called the cops (I probably should have but I was a little frazzled since it was my first accident). He claims I caused a scratch on his bumper from the incident and he told me he would file a claim.

I have Progressive insurance and I know that their policy states that they should be informed any time a collision occurs.

My question is, should I wait for him to claim first? What if he decides “maybe that guy didn’t actually scratch the bumper and I went over a speed bump too fast earlier” or if he decides he’d rather settle it out-of-pocket first? What should I tell my insurance company?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I just bought a new car an I want to give my old car away. I have a few questions.

I have a salvage title on my 2004 Ford Taurus. I couldn’t trade it on towards the purchase of my new car. I have some questions about giving it away.

  1. Will anyone want it?

It runs. The speakers barely work, the AC doesn’t work, it has 167,000 miles on it. It’s never died on me. No check engine lights are on but it makes weird noises. The paint is peeling, the back seat has been through two kids and seems to have ice cream permanently melted into the fabric in one spot. There’s dog hair in cracks of the car I can’t seem to get to, and I’m not paying (or embarrassing myself enough) to have it detailed. The outside has hail damage.

  1. If someone would want it, does anyone know of a reputable charity I could give it to? I know I would be able to get something for it at a junk yard but, it runs, so I feel like it could be more helpful to someone. Should I find an individual to give it to?

  2. If I give it to a specific person, do I “sell it” to them for $1 to avoid some sort of tax thing? I’ve seen it in movies, not sure if it’s a real thing.

  3. Anything else I should know?

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[Help!] Edelbrock carb casting mistake?

Hey motorheads. Just picked up this Edelbrock and noticed what appears to be a flaw in the aluminum casting in part of the channels on the bottom plate. Can anyone tell me what I’m looking at here? Would the carb still function normally or did I get duped.

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Lifespan of drive belt and tires?

Sorry if this isn’t the right place for this, but I wanted to double check something a mechanic told me.

I have a 2013 Hyundai Veloster with 48,000 miles, and I am the original owner. I drive in a major US City, to and from work, to the store, that sort of thing. This car has it’s original drive belt and tires, and my mechanic had recommended I get both changed. Is he recommending maintenance ahead of schedule, or is this something I should take seriously?

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Problem starting my 2007 Jeep Liberty

I’ve had my Liberty for awhile now and I think it’s a great car, it has almost 170,000 miles on it at this point (when I bought it, it was 120,000) and the only thing I’ve ever had to replace is the fuel pump. One thing it does that no one seems to have answers to is, every once and awhile, it doesn’t want to start on the first try. When this happens, I just pull the keys out for a second and retry.. it always starts after that no problem. It’s important to mention that the only time my Liberty ever does this is when I’m out running errands and have to start and restart it often in a short period. If I were to go start my car for the first time after it’s been sitting awhile, it would never do this, ONLY after multiple uses. Bear with me here because I’m a 20-something woman with absolutely zero knowledge on the subject. When I had the fuel pump replaced they fixed another issue too that had to do with the oil and a belt that needed to be switched out. My dad put in all brand new spark plugs, then a couple months ago when my check engine light came on, I had it coded and they said it was because of a misfire in cylinder 6. We thought it misfired because of the ignition coil, based on how it would shake a little bit when idling, so we replaced it. I’m about to replace all of the other coils for each cylinder, but that doesn’t really explain the whole finicky starting thing. My dad isn’t a mechanic by any means, but he knows a decent amount about cars and some of my family members have newer Jeeps (Commander, Wrangler). We just can’t figure out what this is. My dad says his motorbike does the same thing, I’m like okay… motorbikes are different than cars, so this worries me a lot. Does anyone have any ideas?

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