My local Jeep/Dodge dealer had the nerve to quote me $32k for a new Wrangler Sport (lowest trim) with zero options.

I’m talking bare bones here. Steel wheels, 0 tech, 2 doors, nothing. To boot air conditioning was an option for another ~$1300. FCA has got to be joking right now? The wrangler, even when fully fitted is as simple as car tech gets – which is what makes it nice. It’s a box on a frame with four round bits. But all this “jeep life” appeal has gone to their head with what’s purely perceived valuing.

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(Longshot) Stranded in Missouri. 2009 Mini Cooper blown front right tire.

So this is probably the Longshot of the year but I’m currently moving from Kansas City to North Eastern Ohio. Near Lake St Louis Missouri I hit a pot hole and blew out my front right tire. Walmart doesn’t carry the tire I need and any other tire store nearby is closed until tomorrow morning. So as of now I’m stranded in a Walmart parking lot with my dog and cat until 7am tomorrow when I can limp my car over to the Firestone and hope they have the one I need. The car is a 2009 Mini Cooper, the tire says 195/55RF 16 87V. I doubt anything will come of this but if anyone is nearby with a spare I would be forever in your debt.

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