Why don’t we make connecting rods connect to the crank at a higher distance?

I feel I have a strong understanding of torque and other equations of motion, etc. This isn’t something I have ever seen talked about on here, and it’s making me wonder.

If we had the connecting rod connect to the crank shaft at a further distance than normal, wouldn’t that cause the engine to produce more torque, and as a result more power? My theory is based on the assumption that the force pushed downwards on the piston by the explosion in the combustion chamber will be the same regardless (for the same engine, of course). Due to this, the piston will always push down on the crank with the same force. If we made the connecting rod connect further away, it would produce more torque because torque is a function of force and the distance it is applied from the point of reference.

If we had the same force being applied, but at a further distance, wouldn’t that be a very easy way to produce much more power?

Thoughts? Has this been thought of before but for some reason or another it couldn’t be done?

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Car totaled but confused about options….help

Got rear ended on my 2003 Toyota rav4, & Geico said they will give me $6000 ….problem is I cant find another Rav4 at that price that was well taken care like mine….can i ask for more money? I found other Rav4s by looking nationwide but it will cost more to have it delivered to me in Oregon…can I ask her insurance to pony up the money?

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what are your thoughts on buying a used car with no working a.c.?

I’m.looking at a 2014 civic. it’s fine in every way, decent price even but it has no working a.c.

summer is coming up and Idk if having no a.c. is going to bother me. I try to stay away from a.c. anyway except in really hot days when rolling down the windows isn’t enough.

it’s tempting to get it and put up with the lack of a.c. cuz it’s at a good price… has low mileage, still looks new, feels strong on the road, etc…

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04 Accord LX P-0141 Code

Last week i bought a 2004 Honda Accord LX for 1250. It ran well except for this check engine code which comes up as ” A/F(O2)Sensor 2 Heater Fault “. I don’t feel anything when accelerating although the engine rpm at idle flutters a bit.

Is this code cause for concern? If I don’t change it could it fail completely and damage something?

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The Ferrari GTC4LussoT official website uses sounds from a 911 GT3 RS 4.0 YouTube video.

While browsing around the Ferrari website I came across this page for the GTC4Lusso T. Upon clicking the red engine start button I immediately heard a very familiar sound. I knew I heard it before somewhere and was instantly reminded of this YouTube video. Have a listen for yourself. Isn’t it kind of strange that Ferrari used sounds to showcase their new car from a Youtube video of a GT3 RS 4.0???

I kind of find this a big deal because the website emphasizes to turn up the volume and wear headphones to experience the GTC4LussoT…..but it’s a 911 GT3 RS 4.0.

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What does 1 medical claim and an at fault accident within 6 months of eachother mean for our rates?

I (F20) was involved in an accident on December 21, 2017, where a girl hit me head on twice, I had some pretty bad injuries, and i was not at fault. My car was totaled (around $13,000 of damage as the whole front was smashed in). From what I read online, this will not show on our insurance (the accident itself). I hired an attorney to handle the medical part of the accident, and since we have a much higher personal injury amount, he filed with our insurance instead. From what I read online, this obviously will be shown on our insurance.

Now, my dad was at fault since he rear ended a car today (barely any damage and only on the bumper, but still damage) and is at fault. His car has around $500-600 damage, but he will fix it himself, so it should stay around that price (The radiator leaked, bumper fell off, etc.) There is no disputing that. It happened where someone jumped in front of the car in front of him (I hope that makes sense), the person in front of him braked, and my dad started to break a second too late. It was a mild bump only at maybe 1 mph. It was standstill traffic.

Will our rates go up or do we risk being kicked out since we have 1 medical claim and 1 at fault accident? We have Statefarm and currently pay around $1,600 for 4 cars every 6 months (Mine being the most at around $500.00. The rest at around $200.00-$300.00).

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