Has anyone here actually gotten/given a car for Christmas?

I’m not talking about when you and your spouse decide to shop for a new car around the holidays and call it your gift to each other. I mean a total surprise in the driveway, like in the commercials (but probably minus the giant bow).

I remember someone here awhile back posted that they each surprised each other with new Mustangs, and I thought that was both insane and amazing at the same time. Pic that I saved of it here.

Anyone else have this happen though? I just can’t imagine a world where I have enough cash to pull something like that off haha.

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Update: Left my car with a hotel valet and they totally fried the clutch

The original post.

I spoke with the ins. broker for the hotel, the president of the hotel and the transmission shop that will be inspecting my car. So far the hotel has not claimed responsibility and the president told me that they are not prepared to cover any costs.

So far I’ve had to get a rental car, and verbally agree to let the transmission shop tow the car, but they haven’t inspected it yet. After some research, it sounds like the clutch and slave cylinder will have to be replaced, which will be about $1500-2000 CAD as far as I know.

What should my next step be? Contact a lawyer?

The car is question is a 2005 Mazda 6 V6. It has 130,000km on it, but they’re mostly highway kilometers. I’ve taken good care of it in the time that I’ve owned it and I’ve never had to replace a clutch so early.

One detail I left out that I found interesting is that the radio had been turned on and tuned into a radio station I’ve never listened to. I only have one preset radio station and it’s for my home city which is 500km from the hotel. Seems strange to me that the valet would fiddle with the radio just to move the car around the block?

Again, any advice is appreciated. I will certainly be buying myself a dash cam and never again will I valet a manual transmission car.

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Roaming on health insurance

Hi guys,

Bit of a weird one. So i had an accident (fractured ankle) in Thailand. I went to hospital and had to keep in touch with my insurer to ask whether they can pay for surgery and current hospital charges. They helped me out and asked me to gather certain information and keep them posted whilst there in hospital. I incured roaming charges to check on whether they replied to my email and to send information/updates.

Can i claim the charges as part of the health insurance? Theyre paying for everything else.

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Buying a used replacement engine. Your experience/info

The engine of my beloved 2004 Peugeot 206 RC with more than 270.000 km on it blew a headgasket and is leaking cooling fluid heavily.

There might even be damage to the internals, so I’m considering buying a used replacement engine.


This company is specialised for Citröen/Peugeot and

the rebuilt one costs €2200,

the one with 115.000km costs €950,

the one with 171.000 km costs €1250,

that includes shipping.

I never did buy a used engine before so I wanna ask you guys for your experience/info on what I should know doing such a thing.

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Rack and pinion causing transmission issue?

So here’s the deal …

Chevy Express workvan. V8 AWD, actually kind of a beast to drive.

As soon as the cold hit the transmission decided to switch up the gear order. 1 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 3 and no 4 (Or maybe it’s going to 4 but no 5)

If I need to gas it merging into traffic for an on-ramp I’m bouncing off the rev limiter.

Being a fleet vehicle I take it into the Midas I usually get the oil changed at. 3 hours after I drop it off they tell me the rack and pinion is worn out and needs replaced. (115k miles on a 5 year old van)

I give the guy the ‘Oooookkkkkaayyy’ and ask what the hell the steering has to do with the transmission. He pauses for a second and just about as he’s about to fill me in, his boss steps in syaing ‘Oh I just got off the line with the fleet company and yadda yadda yadda we’ll try and get you back in tomorrow.’

I figured since my next scheduled maintenance at 120k was Transmission flush and fill they would do that service and drive the van and see what happens.

I’m not heavily vested in this since it’s a company vehicle, but it’s got me curious how Midas came to this conclusion.

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2010 Chevy Malibu LT question…

My key fob is going to shit and I wanted to know if it’s possible to switch from the regular oval shape fob to the newer ones with the key integrated on a switch. All the replacement ones I’ve seen online say the rectangular key switchblade style are compatible with 2010-2016 Chevy Malibu’s. Is it possible?

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Want to dump my EP3 but have a question about the value

I bought this car from my roommate for a cool $3,000 a month ago. However, I hate it. I hate the stiff suspension, i hate that other honda dudes think I want to wave at them, I hate the serious lack of power, I hate it all. I hate it.

I see a lot of similarly stacked ones selling for some $5k-6k. My question though is since this body style is so rare, at least in my area, should I just hang on to it? Is it going to sit around the 4-6k mark or go up or down?

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