Help! Ordered winter wheel package from Tire Rack and the wheels rub the calipers

So I own a 17′ Subaru sti, I found out on our first big snow storm that it came with summer tires. I immediately went and ordered a set of steelies and snow and ice tires from Tire Rack. They arrived a week later and I go to NTB to get them put on, and they are rubbing my front calipers. Not allowing the wheel to spin at all.

I am waiting on a call back from TR, they said they need to speak with a tech. I’m wondering if the 42mm offset steel wheel can be fitted with a spacer to clear the brake calipers? Or did they just plain sell me the wrong wheels?

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What makes people pump the accelerator pedal? (repeatedly press and release)

I live in Hong Kong and everyone here notices that local taxi drivers drive in a very special way: they keep pumping the accelerator pedal, meaning they fully press it for one second, then release for another second, then press again and so on, instead of just holding your foot on the pedal.

This is a topic that comes up so often in conversations (online example) that I decided to ask the car folks here. Is there any reason why someone would drive a car in this way? For example, perhaps it makes it easier for your foot if you drive all day, or it saves gas, or something about the car makes people drive that way?

For context, all taxis here are manual-transmission Toyota Crowns.

It is tempting to just say that these drivers are stupid, but I really think there has to be a reasonable explanation for this.

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Guys, need serious help right here. Been a while since I’ve been in the game.

Got a 2015 Sonata 2.0T. Live up in NY, of course its 5 degrees out tonight….took my car down the block quick, gave it a quick pull or 2 everything was fine. Soon as I left the gas station, I gave it a little heavy foot, and tossed a CEL, got ZERO power unless under WOT for approx 3 seconds, and tossed a bunch of smoke. Would usually think because the temp the smoke is no worry…but I tossed a good amount out. This car only has 24k on it. I was hoping its a fuel sensor but I always let my mind get the best of me. Really, really need fucking guidance right now, so feel free to pick my mind on anything and help me out here.

Tried to get a dude with a code reader to come by, but nobody is available right now before thats suggested.

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Fog/Ice inside headlight housing

‘17 Honda CRV EX-L bought brand new. I can’t stand stock bulbs.

It’s between 0-5 degrees here in WI. I swapped the stock bulbs with 5500k h11B Morimoto HID’s with their kit from

Is it normal for this much fog and some ice to form inside the headlight housing? Is it because it’s so cold and after I removed the stock bulb a lot of cold air got in?


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Does anyone else wait until their engine warms up to turn the heat on?

I feel like I can’t be the only one who waits in the cold to allow my car to heat up before I crank the heat. Obviously, it has to warm up a little bit before you get heat in the core, but I pretty much wait until the needle is halfway before I even turn the blower fan on. I just feel like sacrificing my comfort to allow the engine to get hotter is the right thing to do.

It annoys my passengers, but she’s my baby!

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Ideas for repurposing aluminum rims?

I find myself in possession of (2) of these MSW rims for a former 2007 VW Jetta after the other 2 got damaged by a pothole from hell. I want to find a good use for them, be it some kind of fashionable trailer of some kind, or maybe some kind of home decor(I don’t have a garage unfortunately). I’ve even thought about just scrapping them for the aluminum and casting some kind of cool trinket in a backyard forge(least that sounds pretty fun lol). Anyone have any suggestions what to use them for?

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Coolant spilled into the motor. How screwed am I?

Hello R/cars.

So I was doing a whole coolant hose overhaul on my all stock 1998 civic d16y8. I think the bolts to the intake manifold were not tightened down all the way and coolant spilled out into the chamber. I finished everything up and i figured I should drain out the oil to pray it would be gone and sure enough there is coolant mixed into the oil.

I have not turned on the car. Am I fucked? do I let it air dry over night with everything open? I have not added coolant yet. Just drained the oil.

Thank you

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Why do people circlejerk over pickup trucks?

I can’t be the only one who thinks this. Yeah, they’re practical and good for work and hauling stuff, but why do so many people make them into a status of their being? I swear to god, some people seem to care more about their trucks than Porsche or Benz owners. Btw I’m mostly talking about American pickups, F-150s, Rams, etc. Like yeah, lots of them have powerful engines, but that’s because they weigh 5000-6000 pounds and need the extra power to keep up with average sedans. And then they get pissed off when a camry is able to gap them.

I live in Idaho, where about 90% (no, really, 90, I surveyed an area for statistics) of cars are pickup trucks. And so many of them have lift kits, giant tires that NEVER see unpaved roads, and exhaust tips that you could stuff a basketball in. I just don’t see how anybody could justify putting $70,000 into a truck, and adding $10,000 worth of modifications. That’ll buy you a brand new ZO6 or 7 series BMW. Am I missing something? Are they able to fly?

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From a car enthusiast’s viewpoint, when do you think the pinnacle of car enjoyment will be (or was) for you? Has it passed us by, or are you excited for what future hybrid/electric technology could bring?

Modern cars are advancing rapidly, both in terms of technology and performance. Soon, hybrid/electric drivetrains will be the norm and traditional internal-combustion engines will disappear. With the advent of modern electric drivetrains, manual gearboxes will also be a thing of the past.

Driving a carburetted 4 cylinder convertible from the 1970s would be a joy on a twisty back-road, but for daily driving, old cars were less refined, noisier and often more tiring. Modern cars have huge levels of refinement, but can miss out on the ‘fun factor’ of classic motoring.

Do you think that the best is still to come for motoring enthusiasts? Or are we on a downward slope from here on?

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