Who here enjoys their plain car?

I just read the post here about the cars most devoid of personality, and I wanted to ask – who here actually is an enthusiast who enjoys their plain cars? I’m talking about small cars, crossovers, anything with an automatic transmission or hell even a CVT or a lazy manual. Not looking for you Camaro 2SS drivers or BMW M5 drifters. I’m looking for you Toyota, Nissan, hell Focus SE drivers! Why do you drive that plain car & do you love about it?

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So is CO poisoning a rational concern after having a Flowmaster axle-back installed?

Shop has a great reputation, system sounds good, I’m not experiencing any of the warning signs, just for some reason it’s in the back of my mind that I maybe should take it to a second muffler shop to be inspected just to be ‘extra sure.’ This is irrational, right?

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Programming my own key fob? (2012 Infiniti G37)

Does anyone know of any methods or resources for programming your own replacement key fob? Any responses are greatly appreciated!

Background: I recently purchased a 2012 Infiniti G37 that only came with one key fob. I’ve found a place to purchase the fob online for a reasonable price (~$80), but it says I’d need to take it to the dealer for programming. I’m not sure how much the dealer would charge for this, but I imagine it would be more than the cost of the fob itself.

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