Is it okay to use a windshield wiper blade that is 1 inch smaller or longer than the recommeded?

My car asks for 20 inch passenger wiper blades and 22 inch blades for the driver side. There is a sale going on, but the 22 inch blades are sold out. They do have 20 inch blades available but, I was thinking of getting two 21 inch blades to make up to make up for the missing inch. Is this okay?

The car in question is a 2017 Toyota 86.

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How to hook a 12v charger that is always on for a 2008 Honda Pilot

Hi everyone, new to the sub. I just purchased a 2008 Honda Pilot since my beloved 2004 Chevy Malibu Classic is having a bit of a rough go. My absolute favorite thing about my chevy was being able to charge my phone when the vehicle is off.

I have attempted to look on the internet to see if I can do this myself but there are really no great instructions that give step by step details on how to set up the charger. I know it can be done.

Is it worth me doing this myself or should I go to a shop to have them do it?

All advice is much appreciated.

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How much correlation is there with higher milage and less reliability?

From the Ford GT conversation of people not wanting to put miles on theirs.

The general perception is more miles = bad when comparing the same car of the same age. But I’ve often been a bit skeptical of the hysteria around this.

Say for instance, you’re comparing a 2011 vehicle with 100,000 miles, to a 2008 of the same make/model with 70,000 miles, which probably would line up pricing wise, would the older car with older parts be more reliable due to having run less miles?

Would there be any statistically significant difference between buying a well serviced car with 80,000 miles and one with 50,000 miles in the cost of ownership over the next 5 years?

I find people as a whole have a big bug bear about selling cars with a certain milage just for the sake of it. For instance I had this discussion with family members a year ago and they were all certain to get rid of their car at 100,000kms because thats when they start to get older and have issues. Which to me is just madness, as if the car is reliable there is no indication it won’t go for another 100,000kms and the cost of upgrade is drastically more than the small amount of spend to keep it on the road.

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JDM Supra NA to JDM Tt Supra swap

This is a bit more niche of a question, I’m in the process of swapping over a TT motor into my JDM NA supra. The only thing left is wiring problems. The ignitor I bought has two connections where as the harness that came with the engine has three plugs, the big plug and 4 socket plug match up perfectly to the ignitor however the 2 socket plug has no where to go, my mechanic says that the Zenki model igniter had a spot for this plug but I can’t seem to find it nor a part number. Any idea what this is? Secondly the connections to the fuse box need to be modified the bottom socket and plug mate up however there is a five wire plug that should go to the upper fuse box that needs to be modified as the port only allows for a 3 socket plug into it. I’ve read write ups on people going from a USDM NA to an Aristo TT however the parts I’m working with are both JDM and supra not aristo at all. Would this write up still be fine or am I going to have to source a JDM TT fuse box as well?


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Exhaust pops, crackles and bangs! Can my GT-R do this?

Hi all!

Previously to buying my GT-R I owned an A45 AMG. The things I miss about that car were the pops, crackles and bangs that the exhaust made! And considering those were mostly ‘false’ sounds as i’ve heard them been called I was hoping to emulate it in my GT-R.

I’ve been trying to do some research on what causes this and from what I can see the general consensus is that excess fuel is being fed into the exhaust system. (Unless it’s like 1000+hp flamethrower then it is standard)

Now for my question, am I able to have my GT-R make those sounds on gears changes and throttle release etc? And if so, how would it be done? Through ecu mapping or something mechanical?

I currently only have an akrapovic cat back exhaust on my car. No other mods.

Thanks for your help in advance. I appreciate it.

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How much wear does flooring it cause?

As opposed to accelerating at a slower pace, in an automatic transmission.

I had to step on the pedal sonewhat hard today, in order to avoid a crash, since braking wasn’t an option. I noticed a thump coming from the engine as I forced my car to accelerate faster than usual. So it’s left me wondering as to what actually happens under the hood in such an scenario.

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Trip insurance and adopting a baby

As the title suggests, my wife and I have been waiting for two years to adopt a baby. While waiting, we were told not to put our lives on hold. Understandable considering the weekend be anywhere from two years or more. Well, that we might be over. We met a birthmother the other day and she is due next week. While we are very excited, there is the small matter of a trip that was planned for February. We probably won’t be able to get the documents ready in time, and I was not looking forward to traveling with the two-month-old in it then either way.

We purchased our tickets, which I already paid for, through our united explorer card. I naïvely thought that the trip insurance provided would cover for such an eventuality.

We have already taken two trips while waiting to adopt the child. Now that this is happening, I looked at the circumstances with which we could cancel the trip. A baby is not one of them.

Is there any request that I have? I would prefer not to lose this money as the finalization of the adoption is quite expensive.

Thank you.

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What are the chances of there being a “hypercar” class at Le Mans?

Instead of the LMP prototypes, which are sort of a dying breed with only Toyota left to compete in LMP1, there should be a hypercar class with modified production cars with more lax regulations. Think a racing class where the McLaren, Ferrari, Porche, Aston, Merc, etc could race their top of the line hyper cars. Obviously the cars would be different than production spec, but with low homologation requirements (like 100 units), high power levels, light weight, and high downforce, the class would be even more exiting than LMP1. I think it would bring in bigger audiences, as people are already very passionate about these cars. And because so many automakers are making hypercars, there could be a lot of entries to the class. What do you think?

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Car premium bump

Hi fellow redditors. Posting cause I am at a loss with this one.

I am in PA and covered through USAA. In April of this year I moved to a more urban location (in state) and was unable to bring my car. I didn’t want to sell it at the time so I called my insurance whom let me add my dad as the primary driver on the vehicle with me as a secondary. Car is under financing in my name in case that matters.

Today my insurance bumped my premium and noted that it was due to me being switched to the primary driver. I explained the situation and they stated that my dad could only be covered temporarily. They also said that now my parents would not be covered if something happened while they drove it.

Bottom line – I need to get rid of the car. As I can’t have it sitting unused, but that’s a question for a different subreddit.

What I want to know is – was everything they said on the up and up? Is there really no option but to let my car sit and get charged more annual premium? Can my parents really not drive the car?

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