Rear ended, how does insurance work?

So I got rear ended at a red light by an F150. I drive a Ford Focus. The pickup pushed me into a GMC Acadia in front of me. Needless to say, the car looks like an accordion. The F150 driver insurance company informed me that they are accepting 100% of the fault, but advised me to contact my insurance to get started on the process of an adjuster looking at the car and if I needed a rental (which I do) to go through my insurance company and they’d work it out through subrogation. Is that the correct thing to do? Will my insurance premiums go up if I do that with my car insurance? I live in FL if that helps. F150 insurance is Progressive, mine is Geico.

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Is owning an ICE car with a turbo a bad idea if 80% of your trips are very short (5-10min)?

My dad and I have been discussing the issue of short trips, specifically pertaining to ICE cars with turbos (which these days, is a lot of them!). If someone is only driving a few miles each way, every day, with very few long trips, wouldn’t that severely reduce the lifetime of the car and possibly lead to regular engine and/or transmission issues?

He knows a lot more about cars than I do, but asked me to “see what Reddit thinks.”

This whole discussion stems from the fact that my daily work commute is only ~3min each way, and it’s definitely killing my car. I’ve considered EVs because they seem perfect for my situation, but I hate the thought of owning a boring plug-in, and this sub seems to hate them.

What does an owner need to do to compensate for these terribly short trips, and should someone in my case completely avoid a turbo’d vehicle? Is there a point at which you guys would say “well in your case, an electric car makes the most sense”?


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I too once detailed half my sister’s car.

My sister had a third gen Eclipse, and after a few years the clear coat was flaking off. I did an occasional odd job detailing cars, and my parents asked if I could see if I could salvage the paint on my sisters car. Given how bad the paint was flaking off in a few spots, I was pretty skeptical I could restore it to the point where it wasn’t noticeable. I had never taken a 50/50 shot before, so I decided this would be an excellent opportunity to showcase my work.

As you can see, I was right and the clear coat was beyond repair (assuming some spots even had any clear left, which I doubt). I decided I didn’t want to waste more time on it, and just stopped right there. My sister called me an idiot and said it looks stupid now, I said it’s free advertising for my work. IIRC, there was a recall on the paint, but she never ended up getting it repainted for some reason (I think either some BS how her car was out of range of the recall, or maybe she just didn’t have time since she didn’t live in town). Unfortunately, this was the only picture I took, and she got rid of the car years ago.

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What do you do if your sibling keys your car?

Hey r/cars,

Long time lurker here, and making this post for reasons I wish I didn’t have to. My girlfriend’s sister keyed her driver’s side door and passenger door in a fit of rage this morning, and she’s crushed that her 4runner is marked up. Since this is within her family, and there is concrete evidence that her sister did this, how does she proceed? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can promise you this isn’t a scam like the high-school kid whose miata was “damaged”. Thank you guys…

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Mini cooper S coupe 2012

Hi guys, What are your thoughts on the mini S coupe 2012. I really like this car. I live in Canada, Ottawa. My option is mini S 2012, with mileage 35000 km. I’m married, no kids for probably 2-3 more years. Is this car reliable in terms of sturdiness, good maintenance cost, mechanical issues? Please share your thoughts as I’m doing extensive search on all my options.

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