Under Pressure: The Science Behind Infiniti’s Variable-Compression-Ratio Engine

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Which tires for my 2006 Saturn Vue?

Hi all, tire question.

I have a 2006 Saturn Vue V6 AWD. I currently have 245/50 18 tires on my car. I was looking at purchasing snow tires and upon searching came across that my tire was for the red line? and that V6 AWD is recommended 235/60 17.

First, how can I determine if my car is red line or not? Second, if it is not red line does having the 18s effect me negatively vs 17? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks!

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[HOONIGAN] DT 175: 1100hp Huracan Vs Countach

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What is the most versatile ECU/PCM that’s easy to flash?

I was able to search and find a thread for which car had the best gains from an ECU tune, but that’s not what I’m after – I’m wondering what the most versatile ECU is that has good support and documentation for flashing and tuning.

The picture I have in my head is a single ECU that was used by a manufacturer across a range of models, engines and options, and has a good userbase on something like RomRaider. I have no idea whether this exists, but I’m holding out hope.

Thanks in advance!

Edit I know about MegaSquirt and the like, but I’m looking for something OEM.

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Jessica Chou Teaches Noobs How to Fix Cars

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Buying a 2009 camry for 1500 bucks

Hey car enthusaist, salesmen and random redditors! So a 2009 camry thats got 195k km on it has just come up what do you guys think about it should I go for it or should I leave it? Its clean btw just need some few detail touches witch wont even come out to 100 bucks

PS: I live in Libya so cars are really cheap if your buying with dollar I bought a bmw X6 for 20000 dollars and it was a 2013 whats ironic is that Korean cars here are more expensive then German cars hahaha. I want to buy something that wont have much attention and so everyone wont be looking at me due to the situation of the country. Thanks for your help

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718 GTS – First Drive – C&D

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Vehicle Hit While Parked

Hello, a few days ago my vehicle was hit while legally parked in front of my house. A stolen Mazda minivan impacted a Nissan sedan, and the Nissan was propelled into my SUV. The driver of the Mazda who original caused the accident was stolen. However, the person who directly hit my SUV was the driver of the Nissan and was insured and technically was the only one who hit me. My policy covers accidents caused by drivers without liability, but if the driver can’t be identified I am not covered. I hope my description isn’t too confusing but basically my question is that since the insured driver hit me could I file a claim through his insurance policy even though he was not the one who caused the accident? Thanks for the Advice in Advance.

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[Advice] Inherited 2009 Mazda 3 GS

The keep it short:

Inherited a 2009 Mazda 3 GS, vehicle has 250,000 kms on it, runs perfectly with zero issues.

Question: I have the manual, but the person whom I inherited it from did not keep track or write in it when the maintenance was done. What should I be doing to ensure the vehicle lasts as long as possible? Does this vehicle have a lot of life left? Where do I start when I don’t know the full history? It has been in the family since it was purchased new from the dealer.

There is almost zero rust, the condition is amazing and it seems brand new, which is surprising given the amount of kms.

Thanks for all the help!

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HAZMAT Insurance for a 21 Y/O?

I have my class b and hazmat. I needed to be 21 to get my hazmat here in maine. Grandparents own an oil delivery business and wanted me to drive but when they called the insurance company they said I have to be 23 before i can be insured. Are there any Agencies out there that will insure a 21 y/o to drive an oil truck?

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The McLaren 720S for sale on Craigslist has dropped to 25 BTC. That’s a $88,000 price drop.

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2018 Chevrolet Camaro | In-Depth Model Review

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My Car Was Stolen

A few weeks ago my car was stolen and then recovered a few weeks later. The people had been living in my car for that period of time it seems. Anyway I have been talking to my insurance company… Nationwide. I have a $500 deductible and I have gotten quotes on all the damage which is adding up. They smoked a heavy amount of cigarettes in my car. Could I be reimbursed for that? The stench is terrible they must of clam baked it for days on end. The other damage is totaling about $2,000 because of spray painting my car and damaging my door and mirror.

I am already planning on getting rid of the car and trading it in. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated because I am meeting with a person from Nationwide today. The vehicle is a 2008 Jetta.

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How to assemble an RGB LED harness for footwell lighting/underglow/anything.

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The trailer for this car short film “10/10ths” looks badass

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AMA Announcement for Dec 19th – Autoblog.com Team

Join us for our last AMA of 2017 next Tuesday at 1pm EST with the Autoblog team!

Who: The Autoblog.com Team

  • Greg Migliore – Editor in Chief
  • Greg Rasa – Managing Editor
  • Reese Counts – Associate Editor
  • Joel Stocksdale – Associate Editor
  • Michael Ferrara – Social Media Manager
  • Eddie Sabatini – Manager, Production

The Autoblog team wants to interact with Reddit and get to know us as well as get some feedback on Autoblog itself. From the team:

We’re all enthusiasts and love to talk cars. We can talk the Los Angeles show, Corvette ZR1, our best/worst picks of the year or anything else the users bring up. That said, we won’t shy away from topics like our admittedly poor site redesign.

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Anyone else exclusively own cars older than them?

My friends and I were discussing this the other day, I’ve owned / co-owned three cars in my life (19 y/o):

  • 1987 Porsche 944 – First car, still have it
  • 1988 Toyota MR2 – Bought with a friend, no longer an owner
  • 1996 Subaru Impreza Outback – Winter beater / daily

We realized that I’ve never owned a car that’s younger than me, anyone else in that boat?

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Auto Total Loss Claim Questions – Texas

Hi, I was in an accident a couple of weeks ago and have a few questions – this is my first car accident so this whole process is new to me. Some info:

  1. I have made a claim on the other driver’s insurance and it has been accepted by them as 100% their insured’s fault
  2. They have determined that my vehicle is a total loss
  3. The vehicle I had was a 2005 and in the valuation report they only had one comparable vehicle – these are relatively rare, I made a 400 mile roundtrip to pickup this one
  4. I have owned the car for approximately 9 months at the time of the accident and put right at 2,000 miles on it in that time
  5. The value they came up with is approx $5,800 vs the $8,100 I paid (not including taxes/fees which are on top of that)
  6. I have sent them information showing why my vehicle is “superior” to the comparable vehicle they chose, but without other vehicles in the area, it’s hard to make a case. They did revise their offer up a few hundred dollars to the amount listed above.
  7. I don’t need the payout to purchase another vehicle – so that’s not a factor in my decision making

Just looking for some advice – is there anything else I can do here, or do I just take their offer and move on with life? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!

TLDR: Car’s totaled, do I accept the current payout offer or do I have other options I’m missing?

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Auto insurers have total control-Accident Benefits Ontario

I am not one to vent but here goes.

I am baffled by an email I received today from an insurer (management). The email insisted I ‘stop asking the same questions that have been answered’ and that they are ‘stopping communication’.

I have yet to receive answers (except for one) to my questions.

Insurer requested two insurer’s examinations over the summer. They refuse to release the reports and have added a third IE; months after the initial IEs.
Questions: When can I expect to receive the completed assessments? (answer: when the third IE has been completed) The information I am trying to obtain: When were the assessments received in your office? Kindly clarify the reason for the third assessment. **(3 months post last completed IE) What reasonable efforts have been made to schedule the examination in a convenient location?

The insurer insists I attend the IE 400 km round trip to Ottawa. I live in one of Canada’s major cities

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If you’re on the fence about a dashcam….

Just freakin’ get one. The few hundred dollars can and will save you thousands if you actually need to use it. Let me tell you all a story…

I was driving home at around 1130 on a Friday night. As I slowed down to stop for a yellow light, the car a few lanes over tried to beat it. Well, they didn’t, and it just so happened that oncoming traffic got a green left turn arrow. You can guess what happened next.

I drove over to see if anyone was hurt because both cars were thoroughly smashed. The driver (MD) of the car making his (legal) left turn had fallen out of the drivers door and was now lying next to his car. I asked him if he knew his name, where he was, etc and he was clearly okay. Then he sat up and looked at his car. “Hey, where’s Todd??”

I turn around, there’s clearly no one else in his car but the passenger door was damaged in such a way that someone could conceivably climb out.

I told the driver to stay put, and went around to the other side of the car to discover legs and most of a torso sticking out from underneath it. “Well, crap. Someone actually died,” I thought, because his face was clearly underneath what would have been the jacking point.

But nope, he was breathing but not responding to anything. At this point, a crowd had gathered and was now debating what to do. Do we try to pull him out? Lift the car? Leave it for EMS? I had genuinely no idea so I left them to figure it out and turned my attention to the other vehicle, the one that ran the light.

The steering column had collapsed and due to the speed of the accident, it had crushed the driver’s (FD) leg such that she was stuck in the car. Her leg also appeared to be broken. She was flailing around in panic trying to get out so me and another bystander did our best to calm her down. “Just stay in the car, you’re okay in there, you’ll just hurt yourself more trying to pry yourself out like that”. As I was doing this, I pulled out my phone to dial 911 and that’s when I saw the flames coming up from under the hood.

As calmly as possible… “Ma’am, your car is on fire so nevermind all that, let’s get you out.” It took two people, but we eventually got the steering column off of her and pulled her out. As I was leaning into the vehicle to get a grip on the column, I couldn’t help but notice half a cheeseburger and fries scattered all about the interior. Yeesh…

At this point, the bystanders decided to lift the car and extract Todd. When I turned back around, he was out from underneath and actually talking to the people who pulled him out! EMS showed up, checked him out, then hauled ass to the trauma center a few towns over.

MD was okay, but shaken and was taken to a nearby medical center, as was FD. By then, the police had arrived and were utterly flummoxed by the arrangement of the two cars involved. One (the left turn) had hopped up onto the area between the road and the sidewalk and the other was facing the wrong way on the same side of the road. “Excuse me, officers? I have dashcam footage of the whole thing.”

I could overhear them talking, they’d gotten statements from the other bystanders and were pretty much set on blaming MD for allegedly making an illegal left. But, when they saw the tape, they realized he’d more than likely had a green arrow and FD had definitely ran a red.

Mercifully, it wasn’t my ass on the line that night. But if I didn’t have that camera, MD would have been falsely charged and at best would have had lengthy and expensive legal proceedings to clear his name. At worst, he’d have been on the hook for alllll the damages, including a week’s stay at the trauma center for his friend and the damages to FD’s leg, not to mention 2 totaled cars.

You never know what will happen out there, but especially after that, I tell everyone I know to get one. That now includes you.

PS, no one died. I checked with a friend in the fire department and they dug up that Todd was stable by the time they got him to the trauma center. The time there was purely for observation. He did have a car on his face, after all.

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