Buying from individual, Question.

Hello, I don’t know the proper place to put this or what to google. I am buying a car on Saturday from someone but I worked out a plan with him to make payments on it. Is there an easy way to make it so I have the title while making payments, so once it’s fully paid I can for sure know that it’d be signed to me. While also giving the seller security that I’ll pay him..

I don’t want to risk paying 3.3k and being screwed over. While he doesn’t want to risk me not paying. Is there a solution?

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What do I claim for personal injury?

What do I claim for personal injury for a non-fault accident? In the stage of waiting to hear what they want to settle.

I was left with an inch long scar on my forehead and was in a brace for 2 weeks. Body full of bruises etc.

What is a value that I can estimate that is based off of….? The medical bills themselves? The pain and suffering? Etc.

I also plan on letting them know that the settlement they have me for my car was so low that I could not find a car of the same year in similar condition with the money they gave me.

I am new to this.. please help me!

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New to the world of cars and I need to purchase one, any suggestions/ tips and tricks?( I have read the wiki page in this, but just in case I missed something)

Hey there, I am currently a high school student who’s only dabbled in the world of cars but now that I am getting older I need a car to operate a job and a schedule. I saw a post about a 2002 Nissan not being reliable then learned that Nissans of that time were not entirely well made. So I figured I should do some digging before going out there to try to find a car for myself. Preferably the car should have: -Statistically 22 mpg or higher -Reasonable price point (around the 3-4K mark). I do realize the price depends on a lot of variables but I am asking for suggestions. Also, what are my red flags when looking at a car? What should I look for? what should I ask about? What documentation are required/ needed, or are a good/bad signs?

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5 accidents with in 5 years insurance wont renew me.

Hello. So some info about me i live in new york city. And hsd my lisence from 2015 but had my permit since 18. I then while driving at work had a minor accidents where a woman claimed i hit her and she called cops on me on 2016.

Fast forward to fall 2016 i purchase my first used car a 2010 acura tl. Being a gullible fool i get into two back to back within the same month no fault accidents. I reported both.

Fast forward to spring 2017 accident while parrellel parking where guy side swiped me while i was turning in. That accident was 5050 guy called cops.

Summer 2017. Drving down an avenue a construction van driving oppisite direction swirtches lane causing his untied ladder to fall off his car striking mine. Vam flees scene but i have a dash cam at this point caught his plates.

Fall/spring 2018 geico informs me they are no longer willing to cover me cause they cannot provide me a competative rate on my insurance.

Spring 2018 most major insurmce companies progressove. All state. State farm. Nationwide. Liberty mutual. Are all offering me rates for more then 650-770 a month

I have a loan on thr car cureentlt so i need full coverage. I need some advice on what to do 660 ia almost rent money and i cannot afford the insurance.

Im one step to just selling the car and going back to public trasportation for a few years. But i love driving and having that freedom.

I debated giving the car to my fiance and have her insuur it under her name but i have no idea how to proceed.

Any suggestion on how to proceed?

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[Alberta, Canada] Questions about insurance for theatre

Theatre employee here. I’m trying to learn more about the liability insurance we carry and our tenants’ liability insurance and how they interact with each other. I’d be delighted to read comments on these (fortunately hypothetical) situations.

1) We rent our theatre out to a performing arts group. Their actor falls off their set piece and is injured. It seems pretty clear that their liability insurance should cover it, but what if they have none? Are we liable?

2) If we require performing arts groups to submit their set design for our approval, before agreeing to rent to them, does that make us somehow more liable?

3) Our office manager brings her kid to work in between shows, fails to supervise him, and he falls off a set piece and is injured. Who is liable?

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