Medical Claim Denied

A few months ago I had a climbing accident and was stuck for 12 hours in a slot canyon (literally wedged between two rocks), and had to take a helicopter to the hospital once I was rescued. After arriving at the ER, I was admitted to the ICU for kidney failure.

About 12 hours later, a hospital representative came and collected my insurance information. I had just started a new job and had not yet received my cards, so I gave the man all the information that I had as well as gave him my parents insurance since I am still under 26. The next day we checked with the hospital and confirmed that everything was all set insurance-wise, and they said there were no issues.

About a month later I receive a bill from the hospital saying my claim was denied due to lack of pre-authorization. According to my EOB, my insurance paid about $3k of the $36k bill. I sent in a grievance letter and they responded saying the claim was still denied.

I have a legal advocate through my company who is going to try and do some research into this and the hospital said they will also try to appeal it. My question is this – if the claim is ultimately denied, is the bill going to end up being my responsibility? I would have called my insurance company had the hospital informed me that there was an issue with obtaining the pre-authorization, but since they told me everything was fine, I assumed that it was. Unfortunately, I don’t have any proof that they said they obtained the authorizations, all I have is an email to the hospital rep with my insurance info. I’m also curious why the insurance paid a small portion but denied the rest? They literally paid a tiny chunk of every line item on the bill.

Is there anything that I can do? I just filed bankruptcy this year and I really don’t want to have another 36k in debt dropped on me.

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Watch a Formula 1 Car Roll Race an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

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Can anyone help me make sense of my suspension options?

I have a ’90 1.6, and the stock suspension with 100k on it feels shot to hell. I found a set of Flyin Miata springs on my local FB miata group for cheap, so I bought them, but now I’m completely overwhelmed trying to find a set of shocks to run them on.

I called Flyin Miata to figure out exactly which springs they are, and they’re the VMAXX Sport versions which are 391 lb/in front and 258 lb/in rear. They have a 2.25″ inner diameter which apparently is less common than the standard 2.5″ inner diameter. Also, the setup Flyin Miata uses these with includes optional secondary “helper” springs, but both the online documentation and the person I spoke to on the phone said they were optional. Why do/don’t I want them, and in what cases do I need them? Anyway, Flyin Miata doesn’t individually sell the shocks that are normally sold with these springs, because they get them as kits. So I have to find a set of shocks that are appropriate for this spring rate, have a 2.25″ spring rest, and are compatible with the miata mounts / size requirements.

It’s easy to find springs for sale and their spring rates, but for the life of me I can’t find the stock Miata shock dampening rates, and most of the shocks I see for sale online without springs dont list the dampening rate or the spring rest diameter.

Am I overthinking this? Do I just need to do more research? Can anyone recommend a set of shocks that will work well with these springs for daily street use and the occasional spirited canyon drive?

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Help comparing Optima battery chargers for dad’s xmas gift

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I did see some threads about car accessories so I’ll give it a go. Me and my siblings pitched in to get our dad an Optima 1200 battery charger for xmas after he pointed it out to me in a magazine saying “this would be a nice christmas gift”. It arrived and all was good. He then emailed us his official list of “Cool Shit I Don’t Need” where he lists an Optima 400 charger. The little research I did shows it’s smaller and cheaper (I’m new to the car maintenance scene and forgot all my Physics 2 lectures). My question to you car people, pardon the phrase, is what is the difference between the two? Is the 1200 just bigger and better than the 400? I’m not sure if he just put down the 400 on his list because he thought it was closer in our price range or if he put it there because there is some technical difference. Any input or inquiry is appreciated!

TL;DR: What is the difference (in layman’s terms) between the Optima 1200 and Optima 400 battery chargers? Is there anything the 400 can do that the 1200 can’t?

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How to best park on a steep driveway and how can it affect your vehicle?

I have looked and can’t seem to find a detailed response to this other than it is safer to reverse in because when you pull out onto the street you can see what’s in front of you. But I want to know how parking either nose up the driveway or down the driveway can affect my car. I drive an automatic, do I need to put it in neutral first or something before the parking brake? Also I saw someone mention something about oil leaking if I park up the driveway as opposed to reverse in.

I simply want to park my car in a manner that is best for the vehicle. Both of my parents park their cars up the driveway and don’t even put the parking brake. They have money to blow though if something happens to their cars and I don’t, so I always put the parking brake despite what my dad tells me.

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Have a restaraunt job, they want me to run deliveries with my personal car. They have commercial insurance and would list me under the policy. Am I at all at risk of paying in the case of an accident?

As the title says, I work at a restaraunt as a busser. They also do deliveries and have asked me to start, I’d use my own car. They asked me for a proof of personal insurance and a DMV driving record so I can be put under their insurance policy as a driver. The owner told me it gives me and all the drivers coverage. My personal policy however, states that I am not covered if I’m using the vehicle for delivery purposes.

Is my employers insurance enough to cover me, would I be liable for an accident?

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car lost $3-4k in value after accident, both insurance companies are ignoring this matter (CA)

My 8-month old car was hit by a careless driver a few months ago, and was nearly totaled (the repair estimate was $10k, and $16k market value on car).

The car is now repaired (no frame damage, but full suspension rebuild), paid for by the other at-fault party’s insurance company. Problem is, I got the car appraised, and it lost almost $4k in value due to the accident. A dealership I went to told me that they would not likely even accept my car as a trade-in, unless they got the car at a tremendous deal!

My insurance company (Liberty Mutual) is ghosting me on this matter. It seems that now that the car is repaired, and my deductible has been reimbursed, they don’t want to put any effort towards this (not even to tell me this as a courtesy). The other party (Wawanesa) said they haven’t heard of diminished value claims before, and that either way, they would not be giving me any money.

What do I do? I’ve filled out a form with, I’ve attempted to work my way up at Liberty Mutual to the managers, as it stands, I’ve now been told my case has been ‘prioritized’ with 3 different claim managers and that I should be hearing from them (surprise: I haven’t yet).

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Morals/ethics concerning working in life insurance

Hey everybody. Not exactly sure if this is the right forum but it’s worth a shot I guess.

I currently have a decent ESL job and I heard about a niche market selling life insurance in my area which could potentially increase my salary a lot. Considering that I don’t really need to switch jobs but am obviously am attracted to making more money, I want to do a little research on the overall morals and ethics within the industry before I switch jobs.

That being said, does anyone have any unbiased opinions or know of raw statistical data that will answer general moral/ethics questions such as “Does the life insurance industry generally provide a good service for a good value to the general public?” “Are there any aspects, practices, or specific companies that I should avoid?”

The concern is based on people in the general public having a negative attitude towards insurance companies and the little google searching that I’ve done have brought up some concerns, such as certain companies doing anything they can to avoid paying claims or review websites that are filled with complaints regarding insurance customer service.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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ARES Design Project Panther Brings De Tomaso Pantera Into The 21st Century

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Just bought a new Subaru… might be fake

So, I just bought a new 2018 Crosstrek, 6sp manual, dark gray metallic. Looks great, but there are a few authentic Subaru things that I thought were supposed to be included and I can’t find them anywhere…

First off, I’ve looked through the manual and every storage container I can find in the car… No Vape Pen anywhere. Not even a mention. How am I supposed to blow clouds out the window without one of those?!

Also, and I’ve even checked my closet on this one, but there is no flannel to be found. Not a single stitch.

My facial hair? Still just a couple days of stubble, like any other normal weekend for me. Although, I’ve only just picked it up today, so maybe I need to wait overnight for the hipster beard to grow in, so I’ll hold off on reporting this complaint to Subaru North America until tomorrow.

But seriously, this is my first new car and I’m very excited. I’m driving up to Portland over Christmas (plenty of e-cigs, flannel, and hipster beards to be found) and will be sure to stop along the way and get some appropriate outdoor Subaru pictures, so you’ll have to wait till then if you want to see it.

Initial impressions though, I like it a lot. The interior is really nice. Lots of soft touch. Wasn’t 100% sure on the transmission for the initial test drive, as every new manual takes some getting used to, but after driving around for a while today, it feels great and I’m completely happy with it. Not very powerful, but good enough and I’m beating advertised mpg already. I wanted the orange, but trying to find one with a manual is tougher than finding a unicorn. Maybe I’ll wrap it someday if I feel like being different. For now, the dark gray metallic looks good with the sun shining on it.

Time to go drive some more, cheers.

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Just changed auto insurers three weeks ago and someone just hit my car today…

I was able to secure better coverage and reduced my monthly premium by a substantial amount, and this was JUST three weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I have one at-fault accident on my record from 2015 when I accidentally backed into a car and one not-at-fault from 2016 when someone backed into my car. We filed a police report with this one today and the other driver was cited and admitted fault, but what are the chances my premium goes up regardless?

Edit: I was coming down a main street while the other driver was turning out of a street. They proceeded to not look both ways and nailed the side of my car.

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Neighbour parking on my property

I having issues with my neighbour parking in front of my garage at my house. The driveway is in the behind my house and the neighbour does not have any space to park due to their house having a stupid addition. I’ve told them on many cases not to park there and they continue. I also know they are university students so I’m not to keen on towing them cause I guess they don’t have to to much money any ideas what to to or funny stories your self

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Winter’s here! What are your tips and tricks for winter driving?

Winter tires are obviously great, we all SHOULD know that, but what are some tricks that people aren’t really familiar with?

I live in Northern Ontario Canada and frequently have to drive on the highway, meaning SALT. Starting a few years back I began to get a ceramic coating put on in November to protect the paint and prevent rust, and my god has it been a life saver. It even made a bi-weekly car wash easier and quicker and my car’s paint always looks far healthier come spring than it did ever before. Can’t recommend a good quality detail before winter enough.

Also I have some Mazda 3 specific(ish) tips regarding tire choice if anyone’s interested.

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Volvo V90, BMW 5er Touring, E Class estate comparison review

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Types of Underwriting and respective opportunities in them?

In the category of insurance underwriting, what types of Underwriting are there and what opportunities do they each give? As far as I know, there are Property and Casualty, Life and Disability, Middle Market, Commercial, and personal lines.

Is there worry about automation, bad upward mobility, stability, etc.?

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Aflac to replace Health Insurance?

I’m trying to figure out what I should do about Health Insurance… It has gone up over $100 per month in the last 2 years. And does absolutely nothing for me ($0 paid for those 2 years).

I am on the cheapest plan available (bcbs marketplace) and still waste $4,000 a year. Plus my deductible is like $7,000.

I’m mostly worried if I would have say a knee surgery or some other major thing happen like that.

With Aflac, or something similar like Insurance Solutions, don’t they have major coverages for surgeries, where they pay a majority of it if it is expensive? I can’t remember what they told us back when I was at my old job a few years ago.

Anyone have any insight or suggestions on how I can stop wasting $4,000 a year, but not have to pay over $10,000 if I broke my leg or have my appendix burst? (BTW, I’m a 33 year old male.)

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NJ P&C Kaplan University?

Is Kaplan University legit in terms of providing the pre-licensing coursework and requirements for the state exam in NJ?

I wanted to see if anyone on here has used them for their pre-licensing P&C. I just don’t want to spend all that money if they aren’t legit!

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How does the Audi s4 do in snow? Would it be stupid to rent one on what could possibly be a snowy weekend?

Hi there,

So for New Years I’m planning on making a getaway from NYC for the weekend and heading to celebrate at a cabin in the Adirondacks I’ve rented with some friends. As such, I will need a getaway car for the weekend. I thought I’d give Turo a shot for cost and for fun.

Since this will be my first time renting a car (just turned 25), I wanted to treat myself a bit and have my eye on a 2015 s4 that’s being offered at a very solid price. Is this a stupid decision given the possibility of snow?

It’s all-wheel drive but I’m not sure what tires are on the car – Turo doesn’t seem to let me message the owner until after I agree to rent. Assuming that it has all-seasons on it, how hairy will it be if we get a couple of inches of snow?

I’m fairly experienced and comfortable with driving in snow but usually I have Blizzaks or a similar winter tires on. And usually I have less than the 330+ HP that the s4 is pumping out.

Would love any and all advice.


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Anyone have success arguing the cash value of a total loss car?

In short a UPS truck hit me but I had no proof other than a really dark dashcam video so we never got the driver and have to go through my insurance

I dropped the car off today and they called me back saying it’s a total loss. 4k to fix a taillight, bumper and rim. They said my care is valued at 3.5k

I have an 07 Pontiac G5. From my understanding they are supposed to look at similar cars in the area. I did a search on the exact same car and none within 100 miles of me are under 5.5k. going up to 6.5k

How is this decided and is there a way to get them to budge? I’m not exactly trying to save my car but I owe 2.8k and after the deductible that’s what the payout would be for the most part.

I’m not trying to beat the system but would like something towards a downpayment. My car was still perfectly drivable and if I really needed, I could just buy a wheel and tire for 200 max and just drive with a fucked up back

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Insurance company threatened to contact my apt. complex to tell them I no longer had renters insurance. Is that legal?

I called to cancel my renters insurance because money is tight. When they asked why I said “I never really wanted it in the first place, but the apartment I was moving into required me to have it.” Two min after the call ended, I got another call back from another girl in the office who said ” I just overheard you talking to Sally about canceling your insurance, can I ask why? I said, “ano, I already discussed it with Sally, so aim good to go. She then said ” Ok,, just so you know, we will have to contact your apartment complex to tell them you no longer have coverage

Seems obvious what she was trying to do. She knows it’s required at my apt. and thinks that by threatening to tell them I am canceling my policy, I will decide not to cancel “

Seems like mild extortion to me. Is it legal for them to volunteer my personal information to a third party, my apt. complex in this case?

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