Need advice about a car I’m looking at buying!

It’s a 2002 Subaru Liberty Heritage with just under 270 kms on it, and it’s selling for $2850. It’s also got rego till August. I’m confident I can talk the bloke down to 25 or even 22 if I go ahead with it, he’s eager for a quick sell. I am desperate for a car at this point and this is the best opportunity within my price range I have seen in months.

Hoping anyone who knows Subaru well or has owned this model car before can let me know if it has any issues I should be aware of? The kms are high I know, but everybody i’ve spoken to seems to think Subaru last much longer mechanically than other cars, as long as the timing belt is done regularly.

Cheers for any advice you could give.

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Muffler Delete guy put 2 inch pipe on a 2.5 inch flange

I recently got my Q50 muffler removed and replaced with a straight pipe for $140 total. But the guy gave me a 2 inch pipe instead of 2.5 inch which is the flange size. The Q50 is a 3.7L 328HP. I was told by one of my cousin who works with cars that the 2 inch will cause me to lose power. I’m looking into a catback in the future. But muffler delete is the only thing im going for at the moment. Is there anything I can do about this?

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car enthusiasts help ( removable spoiler)

I am ready to get my dream car and i am ready to customize and personalize it but i have an important question,Can you make spoilers to be put on and be taken off easily? im indecisive and cant tell if i like it better with or without it and i figure you’ll have your spoiler days and your non-spoiler (where you dont want it to look like one was ever there) days,ya know? 1:Is that even possible? 2:and if it is,how does it work? 3:and is that even safe.

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2016 Hyundai Sonata Limited $16890 good deal ?

Guys, This is the first time buying a CPO car and it would be great if you guys can help me figure out if this is a good deal.

This excludes taxes. It is $18970 with taxes. The dealer won’t budge on the price

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How to Tire Storage?

I’ve got limited space at my apartment to store my summer or winter tires with mountain bikes, etc. taking up much of the space.

There is enough floor space however, that if I were to put the tires on their sides on the ground, they would fit.

Would it be detrimental to the tires if I were to put them sideways on the ground, then put a large sheet of plywood over them to use as a floor or is that absolutely ridiculous?

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I just rode in a Terminator Cobra. my story

So I was 17 years old in late 2002 when the 03 Terminators started hitting the dealerships. I remember a brand new dark shadow gray Terminator sitting at my local dealership and how awesome it was for me at that age.

Over the years the Terminator has remained my favorite car if all time. I never owned one or even rode in one before. When I was 19 I was fortunate to save up and buy a 95 Rio Red 5.0 Mustang GT, but that was as close as I ever got. That car was mostly stock and was slow, but it sounded nice with the OR H pipe and flowmastets, but I digress. After a few years I didn’t have the 5.0 any more and never owned anything even remotely fast since then. A few Ford Explorers, and now a 4 cylinder Camry lol. Having a wife and two boys will do that to you.

Anyways to this day I still have plans to own a 03/04 Cobra, perhaps maybe this year.

Long story short a good friend of mine recently came into a bit of money and he has always kind of liked the fox bodies. He hit me up asking about Mustangs a few weeks back, asking about Fox bodies, new 5.0 GTs, etc. I stay in the loop a bit and answered all of his questions. Then I brought up the 03/04 Cobra option and told him you can get a nice one for $20k or so and I also told him how iconic it us, etc.

Well he went out and bought a built Terminator with a KB 2.2 with low mileage (50k). The car is pristine and well built and makes 550rwhp.

He finally brought it over tonight after I got off work and took me for a drive. As a passenger the acceleration was bonkers at 3rd gear WOT. Best word that comes to mind is ‘Rocketship’. It felt so fast I couldnt even think while it was pulling. It’s just sensory overload and it was awesome. Then he decides to let me drive (I didn’t even have to ask!) and I haven’t driven stick since my 5.0 in 2006. The clutch and stick still felt good and natural and it immediately brought me back to my youth in my old sn95. I actually impressed myself how well I remembered stick despite the heavy racing clutch.

He let me do a few WOT pulls on some open backroads and let me tell you, your entire core muscles get worked with that type of acceleration. I felt like grunting like an F18 pilot pulling high Gs lol. It was just so visceral and amazing and unforgettable. I kept my foot in it as long as safely possible but it doesnt take long to build some serious speed It was a real gift and blessing to finally be behind the wheel if my favorite car and I am grateful for my good friend to stop by.

I know so many new cars are making over 600,700,800 HP now but there is something raw about a 3,600 lb Cobra with that much HP. Tonight was special for me and I just had to share on /r/cars

Perhaps later this year I will be back to show off my 03/04 Cobra, hopefully (in black!)

thanks for reading

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Moneyshifted a 2012 328i…

Was driving my 328i 6MT, shifted from 4th to 3rd instead of 5th at about 6500 RPM…the engine screamed, the tires screeched, and then the display said “Drivetrain Malfunction. Drive moderately. Maximum drivetrain output not available. Consult Service Center.” 🙁

I pulled over and restarted the car, and the code went away, however, I’m still paranoid. It sounded pretty bad. The car seems to be driving fine though. Is there any way I can check for any damage I may have done? Thanks.

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