Does subaru still have an oil consumption problem?

I’m in the market for a new or slightly used car and my wife is pushing for a forester. I know from 11-15 model years there were a lot of issues with oil consumption with the 2.5 liter motors.

Is this an ongoing issue or have they finally corrected the piston ring problem?


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My new driving pet peeve: Left turn “I’m-gonna-just-go-real quick” guy at the stoplight when it turns green

So this has been happening for ages and I’m just now realizing how much it pisses me off.

Say you’re first up at red light, going straight. Light turns green. You go, oncoming traffic goes, and then oncoming Left Turn Guy us just like “hold up I’m just gonna scoot across there real quick like in front of ya’ll, don’t even worry about it I’m sure my car can make it fast enough you won’t have to slow down one bit”

Well of course it’s NEVER as quick as Left Turn Guy thinks, and you DO have to slow down causing all the traffic behind you to slow/stop/wonder why the idiot in front of them isn’t going when there’s a green light.

Don’t forget the little bonus two-fingered Oops-Wave that Left Turn Guy throws up as you hit the brakes to avoid clipping his tail. Which of course, will never prevent him from doing the same thing at the next light.

Please. Don’t be Left Turn Guy.

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Negotiating maximum amount from home insurance. California

A few months back my house burned down due to a wildwire. 100% loss. The insurance company is still in the process of putting together a rebuild estimate. The dwelling was covered for ~800k + 200% of incurred costs. I have gotten a couple proposals from two architects and it is probably going to cost more than 800k to rebuild the home.

I do not want to rebuild the house. I don’t want to spend the next 2 – 4 years in a crappy rental nor do I want to live in a place that is at risk of burning down again.

If the insurance estimate is over 800k, say 1 million for the sake of argument, is it worth negotiating to get paid out a portion of the 200k over? That is instead of rebuilding and receiving the remaining 200k as that cost is incurred, would the insurance company ever agree to a one time payout of 900k and we both move on with our lives?

Is there anything else I should focus on after I receive their estimate? Should I not bother with pushing it if the estimate is over 800k since that is the most they would pay out regardless unless the house is rebuilt?

This is in California.

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Accident Injury ER Visit with Out of Network PA

Hi fellow Redditors,

Incident: Early February, I was in an accident which resulted in a broken face and head trauma thus was unconscious. I was ambulanced to the nearest ER (In-Network). While I was unconscious, a radiologist (In-Network) scanned me (proof through CT scans). After that, I woke up to a female nurse and a male doctor (In-Network MD).

Issue: The accident occurred in Feb 2017. During mid-December 2017, I received an Out-of-Network bill from a male PA that I don’t recall seeing one. Insurance verified that they paid 100% allowed amounts in March 2017. I called my insurance to ask if they paid for In-Network since this was an emergency but they have denied my appeal. I have lots of questions as to why the PA decided to bill me in December with a payment deadline of one week. After I called the PA’s billing department, I called and left messages daily for three days. They finally picked up their phone and put a bookmark in my case after I told them that I would need to know exactly what this bill was before any payments were to be exchanged.

What can I do now?

Result: Insurance denied my appeal. My mother was the policy holder and doesn’t have the EOB at hand or much less sign into the website to see the EOB (she hates insurance and computers). I turned 26 so I am no longer on her insurance and cannot access to view the plan. I was one of many underwriters for this insurance company so I’m familiar with the language. I feel I’ve been only left with the option to attempt to negotiate with the PA’s billing department. Since they offer payment plans, I’m not sure if they are willing to provide me an in-network amount or negotiate anything.

I feel stuck. Please help.

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Can I import the new Lada Vesta SW Cross into the USA?

I first saw them in Germany, and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to import one into the USA? I just love the aesthetics, the ground clearance and just the fact that I’ll probably be one of the only ones driving one of these on the roads of the US.

They’re selling in the EU and Israel so I’m pretty sure that they already pass all US safety regulations.

Any info about foreign imports would be much appreciated, thanks.

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