Just how expensive it to maintain a BMW?

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Looking to purchase a new car and always had an interest in BMW’s because of their all around look and performance. I really like 335i’s and found one that looks like it’s in pretty good condition. It’s not from a small sketchy dealership which also kind of relieves me. But how many miles can BMW cars actually reach? Is 100k+ miles unrealistic? Assuming that the car is well taken care of and not abused.

Will the 335i be unreliable if it gets an intake, downpipes, tune, etc? If I get a 335i I really plan on tuning it and making it a quicker 0-60 car overall.

My question is that do BMW’s generally have certain problems after “x” amount of miles? If I do purchase this car I do plan on getting its regular maintenance taken care of. I just don’t want a certain part of the car to mess up and have the car be stuck in my driveway collecting dust due to it being too expensive to replace.

Here’s the 335i that I found, I love the color of it and it’s at a decent price so I’m really leaning towards it.


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Do any of you guys use fluid additives?

I work at a shop that has us selling multiple types of fluid additives, like a cleaner to remove sludge build up in your engine, a engine protection teflon coating, a sealer to stop oil leaks, a gear fluid supplement, and a fuel system cleaner. I’ve heard in general, that they don’t really work, or if they do, not as effective as they’re made out to be. So far, I don’t use any additives in my vehicle, cause I’m skeptical. But for months I’ve been adding them to peoples cars, so it got me thinking if any of my fellow enthusiasts bother with them. And for those that do, what are they, and why?

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What if you had this 007 Aston Martin feature on your car?

Goldfinger in my opinion had the most badass version of James Bond’s Aston Martin. But the one feature shown here, I always thought about how dope it would be to have this on an actual car. As it would actually be useful in real life… more than an ejector seat I suppose. I know people will probably point out how not allowed something like this would be but my question is whether it is possible for a custom car fabrication shop to make something like this if money was no object. Or if anyone has seen something similar to this in real life and not in the movies?

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Shelby GT350 vs Camaro ZL1 as your main car?

If you have to pick one as your main car, which one would you pick?

ZL1 is obviously a better performing car with the alpha platform and the supercharged v8 6.2l engine, but Shelby has the flat plane crank that makes an incredible sound and still performs very well.

I talked with few of my friends and most of them picked Shelby because the noise is awesome and Shelby is already fast enough. I’m wondering what r/cars think about these two cars.

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[Question] For folks who have worked at Dealerships, if a manufacturer vehicle (that was purchased by the dealer, or customer) comes in that has cosmetic or panel alignment issues, what happens next?

Do they get repaired before being sold or are they returned or are they returned to the manufacturer? I’m just curious if manufacturers of all types encounter these issues and what the typical procedure is if a Dealer gets them and they’re messed up in some way. Does it happen often?

Thanks in advance.

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