If you could only own one car for the rest of your days and there were no import restrictions

Its one thing to just import ‘anything’ because you can. Its another thing to import something you would be happy to drive every day. If you had to live with it and only it forever?

Me? Im pretty simple. I’d have a low roof, SWB euro spec ford transit, an 02 or an 03. Not for any particularly clever reason either. They look good and seem to be a blast to chuck about, like you can use every ounce of performance it has to give all the time.

What will sate your heart to drive for the rest of your days?

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Dumb Question

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Who’s responsible for the roof?

Hello everyone.

To make a long story short, I purchased a house over the summer. After the inspection, seller agreed to fix a few things…foggy windows, a few missing shingles. Next, a hail storm hit after inspection unbeknownst to everyone. After closing, we got a little rain here and there. I begin noticing a brown spot that eventually turned in to more than a brown spot. The ceiling in one spot began to crack from water damage. I had 4 roofers tell me that the roof was pretty much destroyed. I called my insurance company and the agent informed me that there was a hail storm before we closed but after the inspection. The agent also said that since I didn’t own the home at the time, they will not be able to pay for it.

I informed my agent and we tried to get in contact with the seller’s agent. He responded saying that his client didn’t occupy the house so they did not know about the storm and that they made the repairs we asked for. He later said the seller and the broker were looking into some things legally and that’s the last we heard from him. We’ve called the real estate agency and I was even advised to file a complaint with TREC which went no where due to him responding the first time. We have no way to get the seller’s insurance information and it seems more and more likely that I’m going to be paying for this room myself. Before I make that decision, is there anything I should do or am I the one ultimately responsible for replacing the roof?

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Are the lease incentives on the new Kia Stinger GT a good deal?

I’ve been to a few different Kia dealerships in the past couple of days to test drive the new Stinger GT. That car is really nice and I’m interested in getting it. I currently have a 2015 WRX that’s in great shape and I really enjoy, but the Stinger is just an upgrade in every way except for handling (and the feeling of driving a stick vs automatic).

A couple of the dealers offered me at or a little below MSRP, then the 6800 bucks off for the GT2 incentive they have going on. In the end, it leaves me with a lease payment of about 200 bucks per month for 36 months with 0 down and just my car as a trade-in.

I really like the car and I think this is a pretty good deal, but I’d like opinions if people think I can do better or if someone can give me advice about things to watch out for with leases since this would be my first one.


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A strange tidbit arose this weekend at the annual Alfa club Christmas party.

The club has been on track for 50+ years. Some turnover.

Apparently if you are cremated and your remains are to be scattered at the big track at Willow Springs, opening the container at turn 1 at brisk but not racing speed results in running out of ashes by turn 5. Most folks would prefer turn 8 and 9, where they would mingle with those who chose poorly and ended up with a dirt painted car.

The party was cheery despite that……

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(E30) | Parts I should swap out when I take my engine head off?

I’m working on my 1987 BMW 325es.

Over a year ago I snapped a rocker arm on cylinder #3 on the exhaust side. I just now have the means to fix it. I’m making a list of parts for the job. I’ve got the hardware the the actual arm, but since the best method to repairing a rocker arm on this particular vehicle is to remove the head (trust me) I want to replace anything that should be replaced since the car is right at the 200k mike mark. I have a head gasket kit, timing belt kit, and I know the water pump, a blue-top temperature sensor, a head bolt set (no studs, too expensive at the moment) and a coolant hose kit. What other parts should be replaced at this time? Any advice helps. This’ll be the deepest I’ve dug into this car or any car so I want to be very thorough with parts and my method.

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