What does 1 medical claim and an at fault accident within 6 months of eachother mean for our rates?

I (F20) was involved in an accident on December 21, 2017, where a girl hit me head on twice, I had some pretty bad injuries, and i was not at fault. My car was totaled (around $13,000 of damage as the whole front was smashed in). From what I read online, this will not show on our insurance (the accident itself). I hired an attorney to handle the medical part of the accident, and since we have a much higher personal injury amount, he filed with our insurance instead. From what I read online, this obviously will be shown on our insurance.

Now, my dad was at fault since he rear ended a car today (barely any damage and only on the bumper, but still damage) and is at fault. His car has around $500-600 damage, but he will fix it himself, so it should stay around that price (The radiator leaked, bumper fell off, etc.) There is no disputing that. It happened where someone jumped in front of the car in front of him (I hope that makes sense), the person in front of him braked, and my dad started to break a second too late. It was a mild bump only at maybe 1 mph. It was standstill traffic.

Will our rates go up or do we risk being kicked out since we have 1 medical claim and 1 at fault accident? We have Statefarm and currently pay around $1,600 for 4 cars every 6 months (Mine being the most at around $500.00. The rest at around $200.00-$300.00).

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Can I 100% hide this speeding ticket from my mom?

If you are going to be rude about the situation, then keep scrolling.

For those that are here to help, I got a speeding ticket on Saturday, 4/21/18. I am 18. I have a license. I’m on my mom’s insurance and I was in her car. I need to bring proof of insurance to the court house within 10 days to pay the ticket and then, from what the officer told me, she will never know… Is this really true? Since I am on her insurance, will she ever find out? Because in that case I will tell her before she randomly finds out.

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GEICO deemed liability on other party, paid me $ on the claim, and is now requesting an EUO

I’m 23/F and so confused. I was in a car accident and my insurance deemed that fault was 70% fault of the other party, and 30% my fault. They paid me 70% damages. However, now they are requesting an examination under oath. Why would they do that AFTER paying the claim? If I do not attend the EUO, I’m at risk of my claim being denied— but if they already paid the claim, that doesn’t make sense. Can someone help me? I did utilize some medical benefits. I went to a chiro clinic for 1 appointment after the incident just to be checked out. Maybe they are trying to prove that I needed the examination? I don’t know. Please help.

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I sold my car after an accident

I was rear ended about 4-5 weeks ago and the accident seem pretty straight forward. The other guy slammed into the back of my car when I was waiting at a stop sign, this caused about $5100 worth of damage to the trunk area bumper etc. I placed the claim through their insurance and they sent an appraiser (He’s the one that came up with the $5100 figure) I didn’t want to deal with fixing the car, so I just went ahead and traded it a a car dealer. Now the other guy’s insurance is saying that they can’t get in touch with him and blah, blah, blah. They don’t return my calls etc. So I finally got tired and I called my insurance. They say that I can place the claim through them but they have to appraise the car themselves. I called the dealer and the owner still has the car and its OK with holding it until they come and see it. He has not done anything with it.
Could my insurance deny my claim because I sold the car and its sitting in the parking lot of a car dealer with no plates on? (I transferred the plates to the new car). Edit: Typos

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I live in Michigan, where I HAVE to have car insurance..

I (22 F) canceled it more than 6 months ago to save some money but I’m going to need to get another provider soon. Any ideas on how to get cheap car insurance or what is my first steps in finding another insurance person lol. I had Nulty auto insurance before. It will be the same car if that makes any difference Thank you so much for the help y’all

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What do car insurance agents need to know?

Okay so I recently got AAA insurance and I’m finishing up the paperwork this week and my insurance agent keeps calling and emailing me to finish up paperwork. But like the adult that I am can’t answer every phone call or email of hers ASAP due to work and school. I feel like this is harassment. But today her supervisor calls me and asks me who I live with because I have roommates. Why do they need to know this? Do they need to know who I live with?

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Car was deemed total loss, insurance continued to withdraw monthly payments from my account.

As my title states, my car was deemed a total loss about two months ago after someone(stolen vehicle) crashed into it while it was parked. The car was deemed a total loss about two weeks later but the insurance continued to withdraw payments from my account for the full coverage that I had on it, I didn’t cancel the policy because I was afraid that they would try and back out of paying for the totaled car if I canceled the policy before they handled it. Car is now paid off, any chance I can get the money reimbursed for the monthly payments that they withdrew from my account after my car was deemed a total loss? Some online legal advice would be great before I call them lol.

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I haven’t paid insurance need advice

Ok so I just turned 19 last month and I’ve had my license since 16.5 y/o and basically driving since 16. I bought my own v6 mustang cash when I was 17 and had the title under my name when I turned 18 and my dad had paid for liability insurance for awhile but then he stopped paying for it months ago. I’m now in college and have been driving my car and my gf’s car without insurance since I’m paying for literally everything by myself and can’t afford insurance as well. The mustang was never the most reliable and that’s why i bought it for pretty cheap and now it seems like it’s about to kick the bucket and I’ve been saving as much money as I can for a down payment for a more reliable car. I read that when you have insurance on and off the rates go up so my question is, should I get the cheapest liability insurance I can find for my mustang so I have “insurance history” or should I just use my gf’s car which does have insurance now and get insurance once I get the new car? I would be getting the newer car in a few months possibly a year.

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