Need some advice on car sell or release

Hey car bros, I’m currently trying to sell my bmw 4 series at a dealer on sale or release, it’s been there about a week and a bit and already had 2 hits, one going as far as finance then pulling out which sucked.

But I seem to have some problems, so I came to see my car today and the dealer has changed my reg plates to their own brand (I’m in UK) which look rubbish to be honest, and I never gave them permission to do that either, what should I do? Or is this normal?

They also put my car up on auto trader but they haven’t included the full list of added options which will help sell the car in a big way and I’ve been pestering them to change it since its gone up, it’s all been very lazy! Have I gone with a lame dealer?

I was thinking of taking it down the road to a bigger dealership to go SOR there.

All advice welcome!

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Effective Coverage for Renter’s Insurance

I’m currently shopping for renter’s insurance and I’ve seen quotes from about $15/month to $20+. While searching I came across a company called Effective Coverage. They offered a rate that was about $10/month. Sounds great, but I’ve never heard of this company before. I’ve tried doing some searching to see if others have experience with them, but I’ve had little luck. I think part of it is because their name is very “generic” sounding and rarely returns results related to the company. Does anyone have any knowledge of this company? Are they legit? Are they a scam? Please help.

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2016/Chrysler/200 i need help with system warnings

This is my first time posting here. I am a bit overwhelmed by what I was told and don’t know where else to look. If there is a better place to go please tell me. Thank you all in advance for any help or advice.

I have had several issues since we bought this car brand new. 2 have happened since before the warranty went out and was “fixed” repeatedly by the dealer only to pop up again months later. This most recent trip to a dealer has added some new information and I don’t know how best to handle it.

Originally we were taking it in for an oil change. The night before the chime went off and the symbol said Service Airbag System. This has happened before several times. It won’t stay on forever, it would turn off at times. It also happens when no one or anything is in the passenger seat. My dad took it to a dealer near us for both the oil change and to see why it keeps popping up even after they fix it. The dealer told him that there is something wrong with the wires under the seat. He said it looked like water damage. The problem is the car never been under water and this has popped up since almost the beginning when we bought it brand new. The dealer said it also might explain the other problem we have had with the ignition coil.

My dad has theorized it means the original dealer sold us the new car as already damaged. Back then the dealer pushed us towards the choice of their last 2 cars that were in the outside display area, saying we could get a real good deal on one of these 2.

The dealer we are at now said to call Chrysler directly from the number in the manual and explain the situation. I don’t know what to even say. It’s very overwhelming. Has anyone dealt with something like this before?

Pseudo TL:DR: All together the car would randomly turn on the symbol to service the airbag system and then randomly turn off. Sometimes lasting a couple hours. We’ve also had issues with the car stuttering while idling and driving that turned out to be a malfunctioning ignition coil. Both problems have started since way before 25000 miles, so way before warranty expired. The warranty is expired now. Problems have been repeatedly fixed only to happen again at a later date. Now a dealer is claiming water damage under the seat might be the cause.

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Help with calculating DV claim in NY

I’m trying to help a friend with a DV claim in NY. He was T-boned in his 2016 Cadillac CT6 with 2000 miles on it. Damage is going to be around $15,000. He is going to sell the car immediately after it is repaired as he doesn’t want the car after it’s been in such a bad accident for safety reasons (and because he can afford to). He knows that he will not be able to get nearly what the car was worth pre accident as the carfax will show it had an accident with “multiple airbags deployed”. The other company has accepted 100% liability as their insured blew a red light (ironically my friend was on his way to the dealership to trade in the car on a new Escalade, lol).

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Quick question on bad battery

My SO has had issues starting her car ever since I left the light on overnight a month or two ago. The battery has really awful terminal corrosion, and she’s convinced that the issues were my fault. It is my understanding that the battery should have recharged when it got jumped and driven around, and that the battery issues would have shown sooner or later. Am I completely at fault for having the light on?

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Got into my first accident Canada Ontario need advice.

So what happened is a dude ran a red as i was making a left i braked and he braked and i ended up hitting him. Usually the guy making a left is at fault in canada but the police officers said they arent gonna decide and leave it up to insurance. Reported the collision at the collision center. Now this all happened while i was in the company car they have fleet insurance or something, is this going to affect my private insurance if so how can i prove im not at fault(no witnesses i tried to flag them down but they drove off), if it helps i overheard the guy who i hit say this to the tow truck drivers “it doesnt matter what color the light was its not my fault”. I am 21 years old

EDIT: added age

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Just fixed something myself [not exactly that important of a post, just pretty happy]

Recently I was having some trouble with the trim in the interior of my CR-V, they were not properly attached as the clips inside were semi-broken.

put one back in place and bought some more to replace the others, fixed 1 of the 4 panels so far that were loose.

I know this is not really that big a deal, but idk why, it just gave me such happiness for actually fixing something, I’m 19 and I was pretty afraid to do work on my car as I was sure I’d screw up something.

Now I feel like I can take over the world! (but I’m still sending it to a trusted mechanic for it’s regular maintenance, no way I’m opening my diffs to replace the oil on my own, lol.)

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