I dented someone’s car, what should I do?

Hi everyone, I’m a 17 year old new driver living in California and I recently dented someone’s car. We were both talking about just fixing it instead of going through insurance, how much should I realistically pay? Or should I just go through insurance instead and take the increased rates?

Important Info: I have Statefarm the Other has Geico. Visited one body shop already quoted $1200-1400

I drive a 2018 Corolla and the other driver drives a Honda 2014 CRV LX.

Pictures of Incident

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Two Italians are Better than One – Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio

Bought this hunk of FCA junk last week.


Traded in my GT 350 (which I traded my F80 M3 in for) as I needed to get back into a sedan for the sake of utility. Needless to say, a very different car from the Ford and fun in completely different ways. Relative to the M3, this car is faster, more comfortable, and far more fun. Interior isn’t as nice as my M3, infotainment system sucks, and it still isn’t a true DCT.

I don’t rely on my car heavily and live close to the dealership so I’m a good candidate to own a car with questionable reliability. We’ll see how it all plays out. Things seem to have improved since the press cars of last year.

No regrets or second-guessing my decision which I have done with my last few cars.

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