What’s the closest near miss (you thought you were gonna die) you’ve ever had while driving?

Took a rising corner too fast?

Totally underestimated the sharpness of a curve?

Thought your brakes were better than they were?

Realized the exciting drift you were feeling was actually your car getting ready to depart the road?

Found yourself thanking your deity of choice for surviving your latest attempt to keep the Styx Boat Service in business?

Realized maybe the guy in the Q7 has you outgunned slaloming and you should probably let him have this one before you kill yourself?

Had your significant other cursing at you for advancing funeral plans by several decades?

Share your war stories! Let’s hear ’em!

EDIT: Preferably the story should be your fault. “Some a-hole cut me off” is not a fun story haha.

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