[WA] Tow lot storage fees in non-fault accident

My car was (likely) totaled Tuesday 5/15 and towed to a local impound lot. I’m positive I will not be found at fault for the accident. I did not have collision coverage on the car because it was only KBB at $6K. I realize now the collision coverage would have covered my towing and storage fees. So I’ll be covering the tow and storage until reimbursed by the at-fault insurance.

The other drivers insurance was quick to inform me I need to mitigate the cost of storage but also told me they do not have a no-fee lot I can move the car to. My insurance company assured me I can keep my car in the impound lot until an assessment is made by the other insurance. I don’t think I can park a non-driving car on the street in front of my house due to HOA rules.

Any ideas where the the car should go? Would simply calling other local impound lots and moving the car to the cheapest be adequately mitigating the cost? I do have a plot of land 150+miles away. I assume a tow of that length would also not be considered mitigating the cost.

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