Thought I’d try and fix up my “new” car a bit

08 is 250 AWD, yeah paddle shifters make me sad coming from a manual but it’s pretty fast sooooo…

Aftermarket stuff so far: K&N typhoon CAI

It came with some deep chips on the hood, and being in love with this car I want it looking tight, and I want it to last me at least 6 years. My last car was a good example of why you should prevent and/or nip rust in the bud.

I was going to yolo a wheel well rust line but I tackled the hood first for practice painting a seemingly easy surface before working on tougher angles. Next step is undercoating and fixing that bubbly paint line on the well.

Anyhow, I made some mistakes and it took way longer than it probably should have to fix them, but I learned some stuff and had fun!

Stuff I used: bondo glazing putty, duplicolor primer, automotivetouch up rattle can of black sapphire pearl(8UO), spraymax 2k clear rattle can (with a full face mold mask because I’m paranoid about toxic chemicals), meguiars ultra cut, med cut, and finish polish (ill use that more tomorrow) oh yeah obviously sand paper(400-800 dry for fixes and primer and 1000-5000 wet for the clearcoat)

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