Thinking about a career in underwriting – have some questions

Hi everyone, I recently graduated with a degree in Finance and I’m exploring my options. I had to planned to go into financial planning and get my cfp designation, but I’m having doubts about how well I would do. I’m not giving up on the idea, but right now I’m seeing what else is out there. Underwriting wasn’t even on my radar until it was brought up to me recently. I did a little research and it seems like something I would be interested in. More people seem to recommend the commercial side and it looks like it pays better. However, all of the job postings I’ve looked at require 6 or more months of experience, which of course I don’t have. On the other hand, the job openings for personal lines don’t require experience and the pay is still decent for starting out (42-46k). Training is also provided, which is really appealing to me.

To get to my question, if I started in personal lines, would I have much trouble transitioning to commercial after a couple years? Also, is there much room for upward movement after that? Those of you who made a career change, what industry did you come from? Those of you who left underwriting, why did you leave and where did you go?

Sorry for all of the questions!

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