NC/USA, Question about Gap insurance paying back $$ on a leased vehicle that was in an accident with someone not insured.

Hi all, Thank you for any help you can give on this, I’m a bit confused. I’ve never been in an accident before, let alone one this huge.

My leased car was totaled in an accident with someone who was un-insured. I was deemed not-at-fault by both the police and my insurance agency. The insurance company/gap insurance paid for the car and I didn’t owe anything beyond my deductible.

My question is about the money I paid into the leased vehicle, before it was destroyed. My father mentioned that I wouldn’t be getting the money I paid into the car back (around $6K), even if I did get a pain & suffering payment. Is this accurate? I mentioned it to my insurance agency as a question and they said the gap insurance would cover that. Since the vehicle was leased, the gap insurance was provided by the car manufacturer (as I understand it), wouldn’t they have a vested interest in not paying back the money I put into the lease? Who, if anyone should I be reaching out to about this?

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