My new Audi RS3. The sound is drool inducing.

A little over 1000 miles now, the exhaust seems to have opened up a bit and the car sounds incredible. The power delivery is smooth and predictable and it’s a joy to drive in every weather condition. The car gets a surprising amount of attention considering the subtle spec.

It has every option except Dynamic Plus (didn’t want to lose the adjustable suspension) and is obviously in Nardo Grey. It took me quite a while to decide on the RS3 but I had been lusting over it since I heard a clip of the exhaust.

In the past Audi’s never really excited me, but this car feels incredibly easy to place and nimble. The interior and overall finish/quality level is incredible and all the new tech features are pretty amazing (coming from a Focus ST). The backseat is fairly capable and have already had a few people go for a ride and comment it had surprisingly good legroom.

I got it for ~5% below MSRP with Audi Care FWIW.

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