Have you seen a Volvo V90 Cross Country in the wild yet?

This question is targeted to those in the USA primarily, but you’re welcome to chime in if you live elsewhere.

My shower thoughts for this morning included trying to remember if/when I’ve seen a Volvo V90 Cross Country in the wild yet. I’ve seen it at the local auto show this year and last year, but darned if I remember if I’ve ever seen one on the road or in a parking lot somewhere (Volvo dealers excluded of course).

Of course, XC90s are relatively common for a higher-end SUV and I’ll come across an S90 every now and then, but the V90 Cross Country? Nope. Around here (southeastern Wisconsin) they are rarer than hen’s teeth.

If Volvo can’t even sell a good number of V90 Cross Countries in the US market, what hope do wagons in general have over here? I think part of it has to do with the rather high price of the V90 XC, relegating it to niche product status.

How about in your neck of the woods? Do you ever see these cars around town?

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