Auto accident, both parties same carrier. Are they bullshitting?

My buddy got hit on a two lane road, one lane traveling in each direction, double yellow line. No where to make a U-turn or turn on this stretch of road.

The car that hit her driver side was making a U-turn in dirt/grass, crossed over both lanes and said they didn’t see him and hit him. He’s not hurt, car needs repairs but that’s about it. He honked, but there was nowhere for him to go once the car was coming at him, no way to make any evasive maneuvers according to him and makes sense after I drove the area back again with him.

There was a police report filed finding the other driver at fault who was also given a fine. A witness also traveling in the opposite direction (towards him) saw it all and gave a statement stating they saw the other driver cross over the road. The other driver from what I understand told the carrier that they hit my buddies car in the rear driver side not front or middle.

They both have the same ins carrier, his adjuster states that he is not at fault based on everything in front of her, police report, witness, pictures etc and she’s confident of this and won’t change her stance.

The other drivers adjuster basically stated they had a pre-determined decision that it was a certain percentage of negligence based on the fact that there could have been some evasive maneuvers to be done to avoid being hit (he sat there on the phone asking them if death would have been an option lol). They then went on to tell him they want to give the driver a few more days to reach out to them to fully determine liability — even though everything above including my adjuster at the same company states what is obvious.

The adjuster who can’t seem to come to a conclusion seems to be pushing my buddy to file the claim under his own policy and says they would get him his deductible credited once he files under his own even though he is not at fault. They stated to him that they have policies to wait on the other party to give their own version of the accident or they can just move forward after a certain time with the info they have. They were saying things and being very coy as well as super shady.

My buddy asked the ‘indecisive’ adjuster if he could move ahead with his own claim and they basically went full tits and wanted to have him wait on the line while they got his adjuster to get the process started. The adjuster even offered to send him his deductible overnight. He quickly shut that down as it quickly seems like they are trying to fuck him over by having him go through his own policy.

Is this normal? Should he just wait to get a final decision in a few days? It seems ridiculous they are making him wait and that the adjuster was prejudiced with what they stated before they had any evidence or police report.

I told him he should get legal counsel, but seems like every law office he calls the first question is “are you injured” followed by “we can send you to this doctor to make sure you get checked out” followed by “when can we come see you” followed by “you should just pay your deductible”.

I’ve been driving him around since they won’t provide him a rental unless they make a decision on the other drivers fault and he doesn’t want to go through his own policy.

What advice should I give him? Anyone have a similar sitch?

Tldr: fuck insurance companies.

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