Accident wasn’t my fault, but is on my record as at fault? Or am I being bullshitted?

I called trying to buy an insurance policy through American Family Mutual & they told me my rates would be higher because I had an accident a few months ago and they said it was showing up as my fault. There is no way in hell it was my fault, I was stopped at a damn red light and someone rear ended me. The officer on scene even said it was not my fault and the paper he gave me also said that it wasn’t. However, AmFam told me something almost $100 more than they quoted me online because of the accident even though I listed it on the quote.

Allstate, who I contacted immediately after, said there were no accidents showing up on my record.

Is this real or am I just being bullshitted into buying a higher priced policy? If it’s real, how can I check and how can I get it corrected?

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