2002 Volvo S60 2.4T code PO234

Hey all. I’ve got a 2002 S60 2.4T and just used the code reader to attempt to clear my SRS AIRBAG SERVICE URGENT light. I have a Memoscan U480, which I now realize is cheap garbage apparently.

I know why the SRS light came on. It’s because I put my seat all the way back and that’s a notorious thing with Volvo’s. Anyone know how to clear it?

I might know why the code for too much boost is reading on the U480. I installed a Snabb high flow air intake from the stock intake to the turbo inlet. It replaces the horrible and restrictive flow pipe that comes stock with the car and measures 3” instead of the stock 1.5” or so. I cleared that code but just want to come here and ask around, see if I should worry.

Car is remarkably clean and I take care of it, 83k on the ODO.

EDIT: Check Engine light is NOT illuminated. It’s not a faulty wire not displaying the message either, just got the entire car re-wired including a new battery and alternator.

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