Why are carmakers afraid of the word “the?”

I first noticed this phenomenon in the straight pipes video with the Kia Canada exec. When he referred to a model he never said “the” first. He would say “Optima, k900, Sedona” etcetera, not “the optima, the k900, the Sedona” and so forth. Since then I’ve noticed this literally everywhere. It’s constant. No carmaker dares say “the” before one of their products, and I think it’s one of “the” dumbest as things I’ve ever come across. It’s how it’s worked since “the” patent motorwagen, and now they’re just deliberately avoiding an important piece of grammar because I assume some marketing guy had this stupid idea in a meeting. It sounds horrid. I’d rather they talk about their cars with marbles shoved in their mouths, it would be less grating.

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