What car sold poorly in your country for weird/ridiculous reasons?

As the title says, what car sold poorly due to reasons you would never expect at first glance?

I’m not talking about people being losing interest in V8 muscle sedans or people preferring jacked-up hatchbacks to sensible wagons. I’m talking seemingly-outlandish reasons that would make you look twice and prove that fact is stranger than fiction.

For example, in Singapore, the Nissan Bluebird was a sales disaster. Why? Well, one of the largest Chinese groups in Singapore is the Hokkiens, whose Chinese dialect is of the same name.

When ‘Bluebird’ is directly translated to Hokkien, it becomes ‘lan jiau’ (‘lan’ is blue, ‘jiau’ is bird), which means penis.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I don’t have any numbers on the Bluebird. I learnt it through my dad and observation (i.e. almost nobody drove them while they were on sale), and I couldn’t find any sources. Every search engine result I get shows the Nissan Sylphy. So take a little grain of salt, although my dad did take witness to the whole thing and that whole direct translation thing is true.

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