Toilet paper in coolant (yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds)

I’m an idiot. I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but I thought I’d ask anyway. I hope this also entertains and informs you all.

I overfilled my coolant. I had a quick Google of how to empty and not having a turkey baster to hand of the tools/proper knowhow to drain from the radiator, I decided to follow another internet suggestion. I attempted to soak it up with toilet paper. A fairly big bit fell in and by the time I’d worked out the best way to fish it out (wire coat hanger) it had broken down. I got a lot of it out, but there is definitely still some in there.

I’m going to get the coolant replaced ASAP, but my main worry is if it could cause any blockages and if it’s going to destroy the water pump. Is there a way I can have it cleaned out?

Please help and idiot out, or laugh at one.

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