The Struggle of Finding Parts for an Old Car (Story/Rant)

I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find parts for old cars, like 30+ years or older. It’s real BS when you have to find some non-moving part that nobody saves because it doesn’t break. Here’s my little story. (More like a rant, but whatever)

The A/C system on my car is completely missing. I need the A/C because here in Chicago, a city supposedly known for it’s cold winters, it gets HOT in the summer. And I mean HOT. But I digress; in addition to removing the entire exhaust system (which is another thing in and of itself) the dumb redneck jackass who had the car before me thought it would be a nice idea to remove EVERY single A/C component “to save weight” or some dumb BS like that. Why would they do that on a 130 HP beater? Perhaps they were prepping it for a demo derby or something, I dunno. Whatever, I go to my mechanic to fix it and am told that the parts I need cannot be found. He gives me a list and tells me to “figure it out” basically. I dropped $600 without qualms for every single A/C component on the list except some A/C bracket or something that I couldn’t find online. I assumed it was unimportant. I drive all those parts to my mechanic and upon my arrival I am told that all of said parts are useless because I’m missing one really important one. Guess which “really important” part was missing?

Turns out it’s really important, in fact; this “A/C compressor bracket” mounts the compressor to the engine. Here I thought you kind of just stuck it on top of the wheel well.

I go home and go back online again to look for it; there’s not a single one. I go to my usual parts website; not a single one. I then go to my local Ford dealership only to be told that “they don’t carry parts for cars that old” and then they try to convince me to buy some stupid little new Ecosport or something like that. Hell no.

Then I find an 88 Lincoln Town car in a junkyard an hour away; it has the exact bracket I need! BUT WAIT! It’s a self-service yard and I have no idea how to work on cars. Crap.

I know someone who works on cars and I’m gonna see if I can pay him to drive there, get the part (which is supposedly so important) and come back. Is it a common thing to not be able to find parts like this for older cars or did I just get a streak of bad luck? Like I’d assume that classic 50s cars and muscle car parts would be somewhat hard to find, but with a typical, regular car only 30 years old? I thought it would be a little easier.

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