Salvage yard renigs on sale

Will post yard name if they dont folow thru. So i needed a part for my car. New aftermarket is worth it, but pricy, and I’m short money atm. Cue salvage yard. Find one at good price low milage, turns out to be aftermarket, great deal.

Realize, and confirm, that this is a rare case of replacment is quite higher than sale value if shipping screws up, so i request higher insurance. Yard pretty much knows part could have brought more, maybe.

Pay for part, find out they didn’t put ins on when get tracking number. Ask why not, they start to spaz, i tell them ill have faith in em, value is still covered. Get call a few hours later. They refunded my money and are refusing to ship with ins. Will find out tomarrow if they are going to reufse to sell at all.

Pretty sure im going to wind up going to town on them with the BBB and all the the online parts sites.

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