Please be careful out there

The other night i was whipping through a road i was unfamiliar with, it was very narrow and very twisty with lots of elevation changes. I was having a blast but i was going kinda fast and needed high beams because otherwise the corners were too sudden for me to react to. I saw a car approaching to i turn off the high beams for just a second. As soon as a flip them back on…boom im going 50mph towards a big rock face. Thankfully i dont panic and maneuver the car in a way that keeps it from losing it’s balance while still not crashing. Keep in mind i am no race car driver, i have experience drag racing an 800hp mustang but that’s nothing like circuit racing or autox.The right side of my car drove on the dirt and i thought for certain id at least clip the rock. Stopped at the next gas station to find that somehow my car was untouched. I feel very lucky. If youre like me then you get off on those close cals, nothing makes me feel more alive, but I really feel like i got lucky this time. My gf always tells me i better slow down otherwise her life would be over if i died, i thought i was about to prove her right. Anyways sorry if this felt like a rant, please drive safe people! Think about who you’d be leaving behind if you got into an accident, dont do that to them.

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