NC Insurance company is claiming they are not legally allowed to renew if I don’t sign a Consent to Rate, even though I figured out why my rate was going up and fixed it.

I recently received a Consent to Rate form from my Auto insurance provider in North Carolina. I did some research into what it was and why I was getting it and then called my agent. Turns out that one of the discounts I was receiving was contingent on me being enrolled in their E-delivery scheme for bills and communications. I enrolled and the discount was restored. Now my agent is telling me that the CTR is issued by the state not the insurer and even though my rate is not going to be changing since the state issued it I have to sign it or they are not legally allowed to renew my policy. This seems really suspect to me. I guess the state having some illogical bureaucratic red tape is certainly possible but I just want to make sure that’s what’s going on and my insurance company isn’t lying to me. Thanks!

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