Multiple claims totaling $50,000- not at fault. Chances of increase?

Live in a condo and the woman upstairs left her toilet overflowing. Water (often) goes downhill.

Caused over $200,000 damage to the three units below. Water and asbestos abatement, etc. Ours bore 50% of all of it. HOA master policy has covered most of the repairs and we haven’t had to touch our “structural” policy.

Been with State Farm, claimless for thirty years. They relocated us for the first month at $10,000, now in a $4,500/ month apartment for four months. Claims guy says this falls under our flood insurance, and the pack in and out ($12,000) under personal property.

He suggested it would be a good idea not to rely on opening up structural or assessment coverage/claims as the number of claims could affect underwriting potentially more than the total cost of the open two claims

Thoughts? Because the rest of the idiots had no insurance there is going to be an assessment to cover out of scope costs. I also have assessment coverage, but I’m wondering about the tipping point of paying out of pocket vs opening yet another claim.

Again, thoughts? FYI State Farm had no problem cutting us checks for $45,000 immediately, though I imagine they’re going to subrogate the hell out of her. still, they rock …well at least for now 😉

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