Minor Getting Sued??

I rear ended someone on Sept. 13, 2017 and I am still 17. The person I rear ended ended up bouncing and hitting another car in front of them as well. I did not have insurance at the time. I live in TN where when a teenager gets their permit their parent must sign a form saying they are going to keep insurance on them at all times.. as they are suppose to. When the police came I got a ticket for financial responsibility ($118) and a court date. When I went to court I paid $180 and that was it. I learned my license was suspended from that accident and just got a letter in the mail saying if I don’t show proof of insurance at the time I have to pay $8000+. This is for INSURANCE. Which legally I cannot get because I am 17, however the Jeep that I was in the accident with was in my name. So my question is.. can they sue me? If I go before a judge this sounds bad but it’s legally my moms responsibility and I don’t have more than $2000 to my name. I also don’t live with my mom.. Just need advice on what to do when I court. In the letter i got it says I have to write a letter requesting a hearing.

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