I was in a car accident that police said was not my fault

What do I do?

I called the opposing party’s insurance and they said right now they are only 70% liable, and that they would like a statement from me, as well as the police report.

I’m afraid to call my insurance company and make a claim because I am a young driver, and I’m afraid the rates will go up and it will negatively affect me in the future even though the accident wasn’t my fault.

Also, my mother is the name on the insurance for now. She keeps saying she’ll put it over to me and she claims that I’m an approved driver on it, but still, I don’t really know what to do.

As far as talking to my mother about it, she’s a headache and a half and I don’t really think she knows about legal stuff like this. Plus she’d never leave me alone if I told her I was in an accident.

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