I hope I can ask here – please help me find a vinyl for putting a pinstripe on my wheels?

Look, I apologize. I’m not DIY. I’m the kind of guy that has to be sure before he buys everything and watches 20 reviews/guides before he purchases anything.

But if anyone can help, I’m looking for orange (ideally matte orange but anything is fine I guess) 1/4” non precut (whole length) for the lip of my wheels. Half of the people on other forums say any pinstripe vinyl will do. Other half says need a special wheel vinyl. Some say need thin vinyl so that’ll curve easier. Then there’s different brands. I heard oracal and 3m are good or does it not matter for just the lip. I know I could paint but I want to see how this is first before i decide. Plus painting hard to undo if I make a mistake.


Will this do? I don’t know if it’ll curve. I asked seller but no reply yet.

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