I don’t know anything about Mitsubishi, but checking out a 2015 outlander sport, any tips?


Checking out this car. I have a 2010 Nissan sentra now, trying to get something with more space since I have a growing 2 year old. It’s hard getting her in and out of the car seat in the nissan, always bumping her head.

This outlander had 26 thousand miles asking for 12.9k, I believe car fax said only 1 owner, no accidents. Anything I should know about this type of car? Or this brand?

I went in on a 2007 cadilac Deville, 70k miles, 2 years ago that totally screwed me, don’t wanna end up in the same situation where the car starts getting all these “known” issues and falls apart on me.

I travel about an hr back and forth to work everyday, mostly just use it for that, and transporting myself around town, no long drives or traveling outside work.

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