Help, I got my oil changed at a Monro Muffler and they broke some stuff…

I’ll keep this short and as descriptive as possible.

Typical maintenance + oil change took place last Saturday. (WRX, 2016, 28K miles)

I noticed later in the day there was a bit of oil on ground below my engine, so I called the shop and told them.

They told me to come right back (it had been about two hours since I left) and I returned and they “fixed it”.

I didn’t use my car much the rest of the weekend, so I didn’t notice it was still dripping oil when I left work Monday afternoon. (I noticed when I was walking towards my car, leaving work).

Called Monro again, and then they tell me to come right there and let them take a look. This time they say it’s definitely fixed.

I didn’t trust it, so I took my car to a Subaru dealership, and asked them to take a look. Turns out, Monro not only used an incorrect drain plug washer, but their version of “fixing it” was really just apply enough torque to strip most of the threads of the plug, and also dent the drain plug hole.

Now, my car is currently up in the air, awaiting replacement parts that need to be ordered, and the Subaru team are telling me to go back to Monro and demand they pay for it.

I don’t even know where to begin, (other than never use a third-party oil and tire shop) so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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