Got rear ended, going out of country for a month in 4 days. Will this cause an issue?


It’s typical, young kid crashes into the back of my less than year old new car. It was raining, kid was apologetic and gave me his insurance etc etc. No real injuries, we’re mostly just sore (still went to doctor to check up on everything)

Called my insurance and they said to file a claim with his insurance. This is fine, and we did that. However; we are going on an out of country trip in 4 days. I let them know this, we are going to keep updated via e-mail but I have this sinking feeling that when we get back they are not going to uphold their end of the deal and insist they have no liability because we took so long to get this followed up on.

am I just being paranoid? The car is still in driving order, and I’m going to need to take it 500 miles to get to the airport I’m going to (since they didn’t offer me a rental). I just want to make sure I’m following the proper procedures because this is my first accident.

Thanks so much!

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