Contemplating an old truck, summer project, need advice

Alright gang, I need some advice.

I currently drive a 97 Ford Escape that came with the Mustang engine for that year. It’s a great time. I love the power and it’s all around a fun SUV to drive.

For a project I was thinking about buying an older SUV or truck with no or a bad engine, and replacing it with an arguably nicer, or maybe newer engine, (i.e. Corvette for a Chevy truck, Mustang for a Ford). Is this feasible? Am I thinking about this in the wrong way. I wouldn’t need it as a daily driver, and I could do this project over a few summers or a year or so and between my dad and I (managed and worked at mechanic shops for 30 years, military mechanic), I believe we have the know-how. Any opinion helps. Thanks!

TLDR: Want to buy old truck/SUV, put nice engine in it, go vroom-vroom.

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