Baby vomits in Dodge Grand Caravan. What should I make of it?

My in-laws have approximately 8 year old Dodge Grand Caravan. They offered us a relatively short lift to the airport (50 km’s), and twice – on the way there and on the way back – our 1-year-old vomited like crazy. It’s literally the only car he vomits in; he survived very crappy cars (all of them sedans) in Eastern Europe with no issues whatsoever.

This being said, we are working on more kids, and I was hoping to get a minivan – Grand Caravan specifically.

What should I make out of it? Does it mean that I shouldn’t really aim for a minivan, or the suspension of an old Dodge Grand Caravan is different from other minivans? Even worse, while he survived two crossovers (Honda CRV and some Lexus), he seemingly was more groggy in those.

Not sure if I should post it here or to /r/Parenting, but I picked this one because I hope that the users here would be more knowledgeable about suspensions (not necessarily babies).

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