2005 Ford Five Hundred Cylinder Misfiring

I’ve got a 2005 Ford Five Hundred at 176,000 miles currently experiencing some issues.

Recent history is that it got low on coolant started getting hot and then overheated once as I was trying to get it home on a Friday. It was driving/idling really rough. I refilled coolant and took it in to the shop Monday morning. It had a leaking water pump and I dropped about $750 having them put in a new one and a new belt.

When I got the car back it was still diving/idling rough. I took it home and the next morning it was still rough (though a little better) and the check engine light came on. Took it back to the shop and they informed me it had a code P0302 Cylinder 2 Misfire. They said it was unrelated to the work they did and the leak issue, just coincidental and would be a separate diagnostic as a result. I declined and took the car after they said it would most likely be a $300-400 spark plug or coil issue. I’ve noticed driving it that it’s smoother in colder weather and gets rougher when it’s warm.

As an aside, the AC is only ok and last summer I got quoted $1,000+ it would take to replace the compressor.

My question is, is it worth putting more money into this old thing (diagnostic at a different shop + repairs to get it run smoothly) or is it likely a money pit at this point? The car is not worth much. If I’m going to get a newer car, is it still worth repairing to increase the trade in /resale value? This is my first time at this point with a car and I’m a little lost.

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