1997 Jeep Cherokee XJ power window issue

Hello everyone,

I am currently dealing with an annoying issue with my 1997 Jeep XJ. The back two windows work, but the front two windows don’t work at all.

I have looked up on Google possible issues but have not been successful in my attempts. I checked all fuses, good to go. I have taken off the door panel to expose the wiring a little. Nothing that I can see. I have also removed the rubber boot in between the door and the vehicle to expose the wiring there as well. Nothing wrong that I can see! I have taken off the bottom kick panel below the steering whee that the wires feed into. I can’t see anything wrong there either. I have even bought an entire new switch panel to see if that was the issue. Nope.

One thing I have noticed, is that the LED lights on the new switch panel I bought, will flicker on and off depending on how I maneuver it. What could this mean? Here is a gif.

I would appreciate any help!! I really would like my windows to be able to roll down in the upcoming summer.

Thank you all so much

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