07 Nissan Frontier. Rebuilt engine. Ran with no coolant for 35 miles.

 I recently got my car back from the mechanic and I couldn’t be happier. Mech told me to run the truck for 40 miles. I rode about 35 miles, got a text, pulled over and noticed some burned oil coming from the hood. I immediately stopped the truck, called the mech and told me to take it to him. Before that, I let the car cool down, lyfted home, got some water and spare oil and went back to the truck. Once I got back to the truck, I checked the fluids and oil was barely reaching the dipstick and no coolant. Alright, I had started to fill the radiator, then noticed that the water was just falling to the floor! 😱 Come to find out the bottom radiator hose wasn’t even plugged in. Later I reconnected the hose, refilled the fluids, then took the truck to the mech but it’s gonna have to stay overnight. My question is: Have I reached destination FUCKED? Or does this truck still have a chance? I started noticing a small burning Nelly the last 6 miles, but since I watched a couple of videos on how to break an engine in and it stated that it was fine to smell some burning. Please pray for me. As far as I know, mech told me he’ll check it out and will be responsible since he mentioned something about his apprentice finishing up the truck. I guess that’s why there’s a 6 month, 1000 mike warranty, right? It’s a shame since the truck’s engine is FUCKING REBUILT. IDK ILL KEEP YOU GUYS POSTED. Leave some opinions or knowledge below. 

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