Subcontractor without Worker’s Comp

Hi folks,

Just completed my first insurance audit. As background, I own a property management firm. One of the things we contract out is house cleanings. We use two women, both of whom are just one-person operations. They do not carry worker’s comp insurance (not required by law). I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now my insurer wants to adjust my premium to reflect this. It’s to the tune of about $3000.

Do I have any options here? Like, can I just not carry insurance on them? This is a small, rural county and I honestly don’t have a whole lot of options — there’s no “Molly Maids” or anything like that.

Also, for future audits, do I *have* to include payments to subcontractors? The form made it sound mandatory, but the woman I spoke with on the phone made it sound optional. I’m guessing she was misinformed, but maybe not.


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