Does a single event involving two vehicles count as one claim or multiple claims?

My mother borrowed my car last weekend and hit a parked car in a lot. She’s old and doesn’t have her own car, so it will go on my insurance. The owner of the damaged car has already filed with my insurance company and that is going forward, apparently as a claim against my property damage coverage.

The adjuster asked me, though, if I want to make a claim on my collision coverage for the damage to my own vehicle. I already expect that I’ll see a sharp increase in premiums on my renewal next month just from the other driver’s damage. If I also have my own damage repaired, will that count as a second claim despite being from the same event? If they will punish me for one claim, they will likely brutalize me for two.

Not sure how to proceed here since the damage, while bad, doesn’t impact the use of the car, just scrapes and dents on one side. I would like to get it fixed, but not if my insurance company will bleed me dry for it for years to come. Never having had an accident myself I’m open to any advice those more experienced might have to offer.

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