Sudden (subtle) change in clutch pedal feel in 2017 Jetta SE with 1k miles

Hi All,

I’m hoping someone can give me some insight into this. I’m a new manual driver (bought this car not ever having spent significant time behind the wheel of a manual) and got the hang of it after a few hundred miles. The car has 1050 miles on it.

I was driving today on an errand and it felt fine. I stopped, left the engine running, and on my way home the car felt different and I found it a bit hard to drive:

The subtle vibration/difference in feel/friction as the clutch pedal traveled through the engagement point seemed to be entirely gone. I’ve always worn tennis shoes to aid in clutch feel and was wearing them again today. It’s literally like a light switch flipped and all the feel was gone.

I parked the car home and went out a few hours later and it felt the same — complete lack of any change in pedal feel as it traveled from floor to completely raised. The car otherwise seems to drive ok, but I’m finding it much harder to engage smoothly without feeling that “bite.”

Does this make sense to anyone else?

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