Please help. I need a car fast.

TW: Abusive narcissistic parents

So my mom sent me a very sexist and transphobic email. I called her out on it and we got into an argument. I’m not trans myself but have many friends who are. So I stand up for them. This led to me telling her I didn’t need her and never did because I am an adult. Keep in mind I live on my own, pay all my bills, and am 27 years old.

Important Note: They own my car. They refuse to let me buy it from them. They said they’d sign over the title when I got my masters degree and they refuse to sign it over. I am powerless here. Also I am disabled and severely need a car to be able to get to work because I can’t walk long distances.

Then my dad sent me this text:

I hear you dont need us anymore sorry u feel that way so i have stoped making any payments on ur car they will come get it in about 3o days i dont know how we raised such selfish children shame on you

My car gets repossessed in 30 days. Help. I need a car FAST. My credit score is 662. I am only able to make payments of about 250 a month at most thanks to student loans.

Please help. Any advice is appreciated.

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